Words and Wine for the Chief Librarian – Ottawa Citizen

As I was reading today’s paper, I discovered that Ottawa’s Chief Librarian and CEO Danielle McDonald is a woman after my own heart. She’s likes a glass of affordable wine too, and almost as important, she likes reading stories about them.

What The Chief Librarian is Reading

Ottawa’s library chief executive Danielle McDonald says she loves books – she reads the news on a tablet computer, but you can’t beat a book for reassuring heft in your hands. She learned from her grandfather to have three books on the go, “one for pleasure, one for learning and one for advancement,” she says, and so her bedside table has these three on it:

The Prince of Tides , the 1986 novel by Pat Conroy.

Unquenchable, on a hunt for top quality, low-price wines by Ottawa’s Natalie MacLean.

The Wealthy Barber Returns , the popular personal-finance guide by David Chilton.

You can read more reviews of my new wine book Unquenchable here.



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