Wine, Women and Connection

Wine, Women and Connection

The July issue of Chatelaine has a terrific article by Anne Kingson on how women connect over wine: it brings them together for conversations (and wine-fuelled confessionals) and connection through shared emotions.

She says that women, who now account for 80% of wine purchases, tend to browse when buying wine and are more open than men to trying new things. They’re also far more likely to think of wine-food pairings and other social factors.

Recent Stats Can numbers say that white wine sales have increased 50% and red wine sales have doubled largely because of the increase in female buyers. Wine marketers have noticed this trend and have launched a host of brands including Girl’s Night Out, Mad Housewife (please!), Working Girl, Little Black Dress and my favourite: Glass Ceiling.

I’ve commented on this issue previously in the National Post. It’s no surprise that women, who value social networks, are integrating wine more and more into those get togethers. I’ll raise a glass to that!






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