Wine & Cheese Tasting Trends #1 on Twitter

I’m still blissfully recovering from our Ontario VQA wine and Canadian cheese tasting on Twitter this Thursday. Our crack team of wine reviewers did an amazing job with their tips, tasting notes and humourous tweets below.

As a result, our conversation trended #1 on Twitter: more people were tweeting about Canadian cheese and wine than Jay-Z, Mitt Romney’s wife or any other topic or pop culture icon. Who knew?!

The crew will be back again this Wednesday for a live Google + Hangout video tasting. New technology but the old comforts of good food, wine and friends. Please join us at 8 pm.

Here are just a few snippets from our chat … it would take a few years to compile them all, but these will give you a flavour for the fun we had and the wide range of participants …



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