Ontario VQA Wine and Canadian Cheese Twitter Tasting

What an amazing tasting last night! on Twitter with Canadian cheeses. A terrific group of wine tasters shared thoughts on the pairings and lots of laughs in a live tweet-up that everyone could join. (They had a whey with curds.)

Most amazingly, our discussion trended #1 on Twitter: it was the most discussed topic on Twitter worldwide, more popular than Jay-Z, Mitt Romney’s wife and pop culture icons. Smokin!

Join us this Wednesday at 8 pm as we get together again for a live Google + video group wine tasting.

How do you participate in the next wine and cheese tasting? Signup for Twitter, tweet whatever you like (under 115 characters so it can be re-tweeted) and use the hashtag #CdnCheese. For example:

My fav combo is Avonlea Cheedar & Jackson-Triggs Meritage #CdnCheese

Or send out a question for the community:

Which Ontario wine would you serve with a salty, pungent blue cheese? #CdnCheese

To follow the conversation, use the search term #CdnCheese and open up a stream with just that term in TweetDeck, Hootsuite or regular Twitter, like this. Then you’ll see the tweets of everyone who uses this hashtag to follow the conversation.

Previous notes:

The excitement is really building for tonight’s Ontario VQA wine and Canadian cheese tasting tweet-up on Twitter! Join us at 8 pm EST and use the hashtag #CdnCheese for your tweets. More details here:

 Twitter Wine and Cheese Tasting July 19: Join Us!

Here are snippets in the stream from TweetDeck, already smokin …

How to Pair Wine and Cheese Plus Serving Tips

How to Join Twitter in 5 Minutes

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