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Updated with more lists from you, our dear readers!

We got a deluge of entries for our summer giveaway and as promised we’re posting some of our favorite entries. We’re hoping that some of these entries spark you to add a few more books to your summer reading list. We’ll add a few more of your summer reading lists tomorrow and announce the winner of our summer grab bag. Without further ado:

Sharon made us laugh with her entry.

1. Honey I’ve Wrecked The Kids by Alyson Schafer

2. Red, White and Drunk All Over by Natalie Maclean

3. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (do we really need to put a link to this book? really?)

To quote her e-mail:

I feel a reading list tells you a lot about a person. I’ll leave it up to you to decide what mine is saying about me.

Actually I won’t leave it up to you – it’s saying, this is a woman in dire need of books as she has locked herself in the closet with a bottle of wine to read a tween book about vampires in order to escape the reality of her screaming children.



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