Why Do You Buy Wine With a Label That Matches Your Personality? (Video)


Darcen is a market researcher specializing in both consumer behavior and sensory evaluation. With over a decade of experience designing and implementing research studies, he recently completed his Masters at the University of British Columbia Okanagan, that studied the sensory experience of wine and how this impacts consumer decision making. Specifically, his research explores how identifying with a wine label goes beyond increasing appeal and purchase intent and can actually impact the taste of the wine.

Darcen and his research partner, Arnica Rowan, run Terroir Consulting (terroirwine.ca) in the Okanagan. Together, they create fun wine events like the B.C. Tasting Games and have partnered to create an educational series called the Sensory Symposium. Additionally, they work with local wineries to design research projects to better understand their customers, branding, and strategy.

Darcen is also the wine and sensory researcher for a new company called TasteAdvisor (tasteadvisor.co), an Okanagan-focused wine app that makes powerful, personalized recommendations that match you to wines, wineries, tasting routes, events and special deals all based on your preferences. The app also helps local wineries better connect with their customers by providing relevant recommendations to wine drinkers.


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