Taste Ontario! Defies Wine Stereotypes

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Two Taste Ontario! events featured large tastings of Ontario wine recently. There wa strong representation of provincial wineries pouring a wide range of styles largely from the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Ontario vintages.

You’ll find 100+ wine reviews from our team here, along with which stores have the wines in stock now.

Taste Ontario 3

You’ll get a sense of the strong attendance and energy in the room from the video below (click on the arrow to play it).

Taste Ontario 1

Taste Ontario

I was particularly impressed with the rieslingchardonnay and viognier wines I tasted. Meanwhile, Ontario Pinot Noir may have its best year ever in 2013.

Taste Ontario 6


Taste Ontario 5

Several of our team members enjoying the event including sommeliers Jon Steeves and Craig Kuziemsky, as well as Huffington Post Wine Columnist Heather Wall.

Taste Ontario 2

Taste Ontario Vic Cherie

Sommelier and wine blogger Cherie Cole (right) and I keep Wine Columnist Vic Harradine on his toes ;)

Here are pictures and videos from the Taste Ontario 2013 event in Ottawa and in Toronto.



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