Niagara’s Visionary Winemaker Klaus Reif (Video)

Our guest this evening is

And he joins me live now from his : Welcome to the Sunday Sipper Club Klaus Reif of Reif Estate Winery!

Note: YouTube has the audio and video out of sync. So either close your eyes and listen, or you can watch it on Facebook here.

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Klaus Reif

Alan Cameron40:54 Love Klaus’ pick of Paul Newman as a dinner guest, & a Datsun 280Z as his favourite car.

Lise Charest Gagne35:51 It’s finally nice in northern Ontario!! I’m drinking an off dry Riesling. In my opinion Niagara Riesling lands in the great category with Alsace and Germany!

Cathie Retera Millsap15:12 Vinea is my new favorite!

Natalie MacLean17:02 Have you tried it with the sparkling wine Cathie?

Mike Welling42:20 we marketers love revelations about the virtues of effective branding and marketing like Klaus has discovered :}

Natalie MacLean1:42 True – as Klaus said – had he known what he knows now 30 years ago!!

Lori Kilmartin34:57 What is Klaus’s favourite wine and food pairing ?

Jenn Havers46:37 Great chat, thank you Klaus!



Susan Otis12:07 Hi… enjoying some Niagara wine this evening- Featherstone’s Four Feathers. Sorry Klaus, I don’t have any from Reif today. 😞

Natalie MacLean5:39 I think Klaus is okay with that. It sounds like the wineries in Niagara all support each other!

Alan Cameron31:39 Great discussion of wine and economic impact…

Klaus Reif48:34 I like to wish everyone a great upcoming Canada Day!




Darryn Varey23:00 Some spectacular rieslings coming from Ontario, i must say

Lori Kilmartin31:51 What is Klaus primary focus/job at the winery now?
Natalie MacLean9:52 Good to hear – sounds like it’s a real team effort Klaus !!
Klaus Reif’s favourite white wine – it’s racy…



Rachelle O’Connor31:51 I totally agree – we should be able to buy the amazing wines that are being created from coast to coast – especially when cooking dinner and pairing food and wine – we can buy a case shipped direct of course – but it isn’t the same. For me anyway – I love shopping for wine as much as food (-:

Lori Kilmartin21:35 I put my Barolo aside to have a glass of Two Sisters Rose – so at least I am drinking Niagara. Have been to Reif – love their wines

Rachelle O’Connor38:58 Great results so far for the World Cup Klaus! (-: Do you enjoy watching football during some down time?

Klaus Reif0:00 I have to admit that I haven’t seen any of the games so far! Shame on me!


Lori Kilmartin22:47 Do they still have the Sensory Garden at the Winery?

Klaus Reif0:00 Yes, we do!

Lise Charest Gagne46:01 Ps I love your the fool wine!

Darryn Varey36:29 Lise, northern Ontario represent! and I agree regarding the riesling!



Roberto Di Domenico

From an early age, Roberto was no stranger to the world of winemaking, as his father had been producing wine for decades and he found both success and enjoyment as he excelled as an amateur winemaker.

In 1985, Roberto began his education at the University of Guelph, where he specialized in fermentation technology. As a student, Roberto accepted an internship position at Reif Estate Winery as a research assistant.

Alan Cameron14:54 What’s the name of Klaus’s Winery

Klaus Reif0:00 Reif Estate Winery

Klaus Reif48:34 Hello Ronald, how are you?

Mike Welling38:52 Are Niagara vinemakers more competitors or compatriots?




Natalie MacLean24:21 Its nice to hear that even though they compete in the marketplace they are very supportive of each other!

Lise Charest Gagne38:04 Riesling with chicken wings

Klaus Reif0:00 Amazing sparkling for a nice summer day!

Klaus Reif48:34 You very welcome, it was a pleasure to be on the program!



Shop online for a selection of Reif Estate…

Lori Kilmartin15:08 Do you have a bottle still from 20 years ago in your cellar?

Klaus Reif0:00 Yes, we do have many old vintages in our library and in my private cellar

Lori Kilmartin10:54 Wow 300,000 people a year to your winery is amazing!!



Lise Charest Gagne45:30 Why do people from Japan love ice wine so much?


Rachelle O’Connor28:08 This is a real treat – I really enjoy these beautiful wines.

Darryn Varey16:03 Alan, dont know where pilitteri came from…his winery is Reif Estates


Gail A Poppe5:12 Spent a great time at the winery today…yoga, sushi and then tried…and bought Vinea! Their wine club is very cool! Luv the wines!



Beverly Asleson39:08 What would you pair with sushi

Klaus Reif0:00 I actually like a Riesling with Sushi and I have Sushi about once a week!

Cathie Retera Millsap37:23 Klaus do you have a favorite wine

Klaus Reif0:00 It depends on the food and occasion! But top of my list is Riesling, Cab Sauv and Meritage



Beverly Asleson6:15 Is that a German Accent. 💕


Klaus Reif0:00 Yes, south western part. Town is called Neustadt, about 40 min from Heidelberg

Reif Estate Winery25:10 We sure do, Lori!

Gail A Poppe14:29 Vinea….mix with Reisling sparkling….what a treat!



Melissa Maljkovic5:30 Checking in from commercial roadhouse in stevensville, we only carry reif wines! They are fabulous!!!


Darryn Varey15:34 Alan Cameron, its Reif Pillitteri Estates Winery

Darryn Varey0:03 Haha yes Klaus I realixe that. I think somehow I tagged Pillitteri when I was typing “estate”.

Gail A Poppe23:36 Luv Reif Rieslings! 🇧🇪🇨🇦





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