How Does Some Wine Marketing Encourage Women to Overdrink? CTV News Ottawa

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While this book deals with serious issues, there’s lots of humour. How do you strike a balance between the two?

Has anything really changed in the time since the events in this book took place?

Can you share an example of how sexism is embedded in wine tasting notes?

Throughout your memoir, you describe the slick marketing that encourages women to drink too much. Can you elaborate on this?

Why include stories of women behind wine labels?

Are there book launch events coming up?

I’ll be doing a book launch at the Cordon Bleu in Ottawa on Wednesday, May 31st. That’s sold out but they’re considering holding a second event on June 8th… add your name to the waitlist.

You have a wine guide for book clubs, wine groups and individual readers of your memoir. What’s in it and where can we get it?

Where can we get the book?





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