Best Wine Pairings for Vegetarian Food + Recipes (Video)

What an amazing tasting of wines paired with delicious vegetarian recipes from Food & Drink magazine created by editors Victoria Walsh and Eric Vellend!

The turnout was HUGE and the chat stream so lively (see comments further below).



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3 Tips for Veggie Sips


Tip #1: You’re Just My Type

• Consider the types of veggies in the dish: flavour, weight and texture?
• Light or bold? Crisp or creamy? Mild or spicy?


Tip #2: Can You Take the Heat?

• Are the veggies raw or cooked?
• If cooked, is it: light (steamed), heavy (braised), rich (fried)?


Tip #3: All Dressed Up?

• Are there spices, sauces, oils or cream in the dish?
• How about bridging ingredients like nuts, cheese, lentils or grains?


Recipes and Wines:


Harvest Nachos with Brussel Sprouts, Squash and Smoked Cheddar







Royal City Smoked Honey Ale

The smoky aromas of toasted nuts and coffee are a great match for the smoked cheddar in this beer, which is a cross between an English Brown Ale and German Smoked Lager.








Château des Charmes Blanc de Blancs Sparkling

Whenever a dish traditionally pairs well with beer, I think sparkling wine can do the job as well, especially with its frothy bubbles and cleansing acidity that’ll cut through the fat of the cheese and is a lively counterpoint to the Brussels sprouts.











Peller Estates Family Reserve Chardonnay 2019

The buttery notes of this Chardonnay also pair well with the richness of the cheese, squash and corn flavours of the nacho chips.









Henry of Pelham Baco Noir

The smoky notes of the cheddar are a terrific complement to the smoky aromas of the Baco Noir.






Cacio y Pepe Beet & Ricotta Gnocchi










Thirty Bench Winemaker’s Blend Riesling

This terrific, off-dry Riesling has the natural medium sweetness to match the beets and the vibrancy to cut through the richness of the gnocchi.









Pommies Farmhouse Cider

This off-dry cider also works for the same reasons, plus its apple notes are a wonderful contrast to the earthiness of this dish.






Carrot Hummus









Creekside Sauvignon Blanc

The zesty acidity of this wine will cut through the lovely, mouth-coating texture of the dip.









Thirteenth Street Gamay Noir

This smooth red wine also has the acidity for the dip, plus its peppery notes will mingle nicely with the chili flakes.







Indian Style Buttered Mushroom and Pea Curry









Malivoire Ladybug Rosé

This zingy rose brightens and lifts the richness of the buttered mushrooms and has the acidity to handle the herbal pea flavours.











Featherstone Cabernet Franc

This smooth, full-bodied Cab Franc has the weight to match the bold flavours of this dish without the furry-moth tannins to clash with it. It’s herbal notes also handle the peas beautifully.









Muskoka Cream Ale

The caramel aromas in this medium-bodied, creamy beer are a great pairing with the buttery notes in the dish.







Baked Mushroom Parmesana









Tawse Growers Blend Pinot Noir

Mushroom dishes often pair well with Pinot Noir, given the wine’s natural, earthy aromas. The bonus is that Pinot Noir is packed with bright berry flavours that aren’t heavy or jammy.









Trius Red The Icon

This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot works well with the umami of the parmesan and mushrooms that give this dish deep, savoury goodness. The Merlot in the blend is smooth and acts as a bridging grape for fans of big reds and vegetarian cuisine.






Classic Apple Crisp








Growers Honeycrisp Apple Cider

Here’s an apples to apples comparison and match of flavours. The honeycrisp apples in this lively cider dance beside this dessert.










Reif Estate Winery Vidal Icewine

The peachy, apricot loveliness of this Icewine plays so nicely alongside the apple crisp.



Natalie MacLean
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LCBO@Paula Bernardino One of ours too! We also have a video from a past virtual event featuring Ontario Sparkling Wines, hosted by the Sparkling Winos and Shiraz Mottiar – winemaker at Malivoire!

Rosemary Pell”acidity is to wine what salt is to food” – wonderful & helpful way to understand this element

Lori KilmartinI love mushrooms. @LCBO – I was late to the party. Where do we find these recipes??

Kim from StevestonWHY is it so difficult to get Ontario wines here (and likely BC wines for you guys ….)?? Its ridiculous ….

LCBO@Lori Kilmartin The recipes are in the video description, and can also be found in our Autumn 2020 issue of Food & Drink.

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LCBOWe have also linked to the Autumn 2020 digital issue in the video description.

Ann Marie LeisTere Eric! will you be doing an Estonian themed recipe mix soon?

Ann Marie LeisTere Eric! will you be doing an Estonian themed recipe mix soon?

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