Open Mic Night! Ask Me Anything About Wine (Video)

Our scheduled guest for this evening, Mary Ewing-Mulligan, injured her back. We’ll reschedule with Mary when she’s feeling better.

So instead we did open mic night, and had lots of fun chatting about a wide range of wine topics.

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Rick Dalderis27:48 Name some wineries you like in California, Oregon or Washington? Any wine trips planned out to the “Left Coast” ?


Piotr Panek30:46 Tokay 6 put – very sweet- what is recommended temperature? Once is 4 and other time 12 Celsius’s, of course .


Frances Furmankiewicz16:36 I love Konzelmann, visited Colineri with Ripasso wines, Reif etc. stopped at Henry of Pelham on the way home and LOVED their Speck Family Reserve Baco Noir!


Lori Kilmartin36:15 whispering angel says Provence on LCBO Website


Lise Charest Gagne11:24 I tried a white port with tonic and citrus and it’s the bomb


Linda White Alexander38:46 I agree Paul, this is fun picking your brain!


Piotr Panek32:59 Burgundy wines are extra !!!! Drinker should grow up to drink it , I need 10 years for that 


Piotr Panek28:08 Piotr = Peter , right / Sav Blanc – thanks .


Lori Kilmartin27:08 I know you are in Ottawa Natalie – any favourite restaurants with great wine lists? For us locals and visitors?


Piotr Panek25:46 Wine for asparagus green and white (cooked)


Lori Kilmartin19:45 What is your most “memorable” wine experience Natalie?


Lori Kilmartin13:41 Have you been to PEC lately Natalie? Any favourite wineries there?


Lori Kilmartin4:42 Natalie- tell us how you came to write your books?


Lori Kilmartin1:52 What are you drinking for Mother’s Day Natalie?


Lori Kilmartin39:39 Natalie – where else can people find you besides Facebook?


Lori Kilmartin33:54 La Crema is one of my favourite too. They are making some beautiful Pinot in Oregon now too!


Lori Kilmartin30:14 Stoffa – awesome – will check it out! Was at Gezillig a few weeks ago! Food and was great. Rivera is on my list to go to!


Paul E Hollander13:07 Tell us about the glass you are using. Who’s the maker and the shape.


Paul E Hollander13:07 So enjoy an occasional “one-on-one” with you.


Lise Charest Gagne23:28 Baby duck was made in a factory in Niagara where the cave springs inn is

Lise Charest Gagne14:33 Oh yes I have Karlo white port in my cellar love it


Stephen Andrews45:24 Any chance of getting Bill Munley from Stratford. Billy’s best bottles


Stephen Andrews16:43 Ic4 July 20-22 63 winemakers 10 countries. And more


Stephen Andrews7:48 Who does the writing for Vintages mag bi weekly?


Stephen Andrews5:24 Hello from Waterloo, Tattinger for mom today


Rick Dalderis42:59 Check out the 2016 Bonny Doon Vineyyard Vin Gris de Cigare . Delicious.


Rick Dalderis37:32 Bought the 2017 Whispering Angel at Costco $18.79.


Rick Dalderis34:39 Enjoyed for dinner last night. the 2014 Testarossa Gary’s Vineyard Pinot Noir, Santa Lucia Highlands, California

Rick Dalderis21:56 If money was not a factor…what wine would you buy? Red & White?

Rick Dalderis17:19 What are your favorite wineries in the Okanagan Valley?


Rick Dalderis11:13 For my birthday last month went deep into my cellar and enjoyed a 1986 Chateau Mouton Rothschild.

Lori Sweet41:50 Would definitely like to hear more about the course.


Lori Sweet16:32 We are doing an overnight at Huff Estates Winery and Inn. You should put that on your list.

Marcia J Hamm38:57 Whispering in Alberta is $35!


Lori Sweet13:31 Karlo Estates in Prince Edward County makes an amazing white “port”.

Barb Macdonald18:36 Antigonish… unfortunately no wineries here… maybe one day soon..


Gustavo Devesas10:12 Enjoying a glass of Grahams 30YO Tawny Port – happy Mothers Day! 

Frances Furmankiewicz25:58 Black Prince Winery in PEC has their own cooper on site and age in Canadian oak!

Barb Macdonald16:44 Nova Scotia has some good wineries in the Valley..

Frances Furmankiewicz12:55 Just back from a girls getaway to NOL!! Yum! Visited 16 wineries!



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