Unquenchable’s Literary Merit Pales Next to Practical Use

I get some terrific letters and e-mails from folks reading my books. This one though made me laugh out loud … love it!

Natalie, thank you so much for writing, Unquenchable.  I bought it for myself yesterday and I have just started reading it for my vacation time. I thoroughly devoured your first book and so far (I have only read two chapters) this new book is simply a delightful read.  I prop myself up with pillows on our outdoor “living room” couch along with a glass of wine – read a page, sip the wine – and I drink in every page.  It is slow, but I am savouring each word.  For me, you make drinking wine even more enjoyable and lots of fun.

By the way, your new book also has a practical value.  When I have to go inside the house for a moment , I simply place your book on top of my wine glass so I do not have to share this liquid red gold with fruit flies or sometimes even the common house fly. It works perfectly!

Thank you and I am already looking forward to your third book.

Avid fan,
Peter in Hamilton


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