Unquenchable is the Hilarious and Informative result of…

When I heard Natalie MacLean had released a new book, she of the famous title Red, White and Drunk All Over, I knew I wanted to read it. Unquenchable is the hilarious and informative result of years of research proving that bargain wines don’t always have to leave you with a bargain taste. In the book, the author revives her gift of humorous storytelling (just wait until you meet Wolf Blass  of Wolf Blass Winery in Australia, you won’t soon forget him) with her gift for picking a good wine.

In Unquenchable, the book provides plenty of facts and history about the wines covered. Everything from Australia’s shiraz – which is also known as syrah, something even I didn’t know – to Germany’s Mosel Valley’s charming Riesling. The author combines her love of wine with the knowledge we all need to be able to pick out the gems among the bargain wines. She dispels the myth that all bargain wines are merely undrinkable.

In my quest for a bargain, (because who doesn’t love a bargain?), I was pleased to find Unquenchable was spot-on with recommending a good wine at a great price, with just the right dash of humor. Unquenchable is available at major retailers now. Be sure to grab the book, a glass, and a great (bargain) bottle of wine!

You can also visit Natalie MacLean at her website for more information at: www.NatalieMacLean.com


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