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Unquenchable is packed with colourful stories about passionate personalities who inhabit the world of wine, award-winning writer Natalie travelled to Germany, Australia, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, and the Niagara region in Ontario in search of in-depth knowledge and value bottles. After all, she is of Scottish origin, and cannot resist a bargain.

She conveys her deep love and knowledge about wine (she worked as a sommelier, as a cellar hand, and has been involved with wine for a few decades) in her witty writing style.

The narrative is so captivating that Unquenchable becomes a page-turner after reading a few pages of the introduction.

Natalie has the rare ability to extract valuable information from an interview with a winemaker or winery owner, and write about it in simple terms for the beginner to understand wine’s intricacies in general or winemaking in particular.

She writes for the average consumer and dilettante without snobbery and mentioning well-known brand name or winemakers, or wineries.

The knowledgeable reader will notice that she visited wineries and regions that are known for producing wines of quality at affordable cost.

There is plenty to take away from her inspired recommendations, food pairings, list of her favourite value wines and wineries, plus plenty of pointers that will deepen the reader’s drinking pleasure.

At the end of each chapter, she provides insider tips. The list of wineries visited, best value wines of wineries visited, top-value producers of the region, a menu, with wine pairings and a list of recommended books for further reading.

Frankly, this is not only an entertaining and informative book, but valuable for brands she recommends.

All are value-priced and eminently enjoyable. All readers will enjoy this book, and benefit from the information it contains. It can be used as a reference for many years to come.

Highly recommended.

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