Twitter’s Profound Impact on Wine Purchases

Twitter bird wineTwitter has a powerful influence on the way make buying decisions, according to a new study published this week. The research firm DB5, which conducts studies regularly about Facebook, Google and other social media companies, found that:

– 55% of people discuss gift ideas on Twitter, including wine, books and electronics

– 66% of respondents said they learned about new brands on Twitter

– 64% said they have bought a product because of something they saw on Twitter

– 50% of survey responders said they check Twitter while in a retail store

The Infographic below is a compelling visual representation on how Twitter has transformed from a niche service that started in 2006 to the global social media powerhouse that it is today with more than 600 million users (135,000 new people sign-up every day).

Twitter is more ideally suited to the wine community than is Facebook, Pinterest and other social media, as it allows for quick sharing of new wines you’ve discovered and pairings you’ve tried, without the hassle of the time-consuming longer text and visuals required on the other outlets.

As we celebrate the milestone of 25,000 friends, Canada’s largest wine community on Twitter, we look forward to continuing to share our wine tips and sips … join us!





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