Top Wine Retweeters on Twitter

Top Wine Retweeters on Twitter


A few months ago, a wine friend sent me a list the top wine lovers on Twitter whose tweets get reteweeted most often: which tweets do wine lovers find most interesting or valuable, and forward to others, answering that eternal question: Is anyone out there listening or am I just twittering to myself?

It’s a fascinating way to look at how the worlds of wine and social media are coming together. I think that Twitter in particular suits wine lovers who can dash off a quick note about a wine they’ve just discovered or they can ask others which wine to pair with a certain dish, etc.


I thought I’d take my friend’s original list of winos and plug them into the Retweet site to see how that list stands now. It actually hasn’t changed much but it’s still a nifty way to slice and dice the impact of Twitter on the wine world and how quickly (and virally) news of a new winery or wine can spread these days.

I’m going to continue to update this list regularly. This is not an exhaustive list so if you have some winos to suggest, please comment here or e-mail me.


Top Wine Retweeters

Note: This list is based on statistics compiled by the site The number after the name indicates the person’s rank on the universal retweeting list, not just within the wine world. So lower is better since it means you’re higher on the list. The second number is the percentile rank, again a universal number but in this case higher is better like a test score.

1.    Gary Vaynerchuk: 967 (99.84 percentile)

2.    Rick Bakas: 997 ( 99.84 percentile)

3.    Natalie MacLean: 2028 (99.68 percentile)

4.    Randall Graham: 2029 ( 99.68 percentile)

5.    Tyler Coleman (DrVino): 3051 (99.54 percentile)

6.    Alder Yarrow (Vinography): 3057 (99.52 percentile)

7.    Wine Twits: 3057 ( 99.52 percentile)

8.    Paul Mabray: 3050 (99.52 percentile)

9.    Crushpad: 4096 ( 99.36 percentile)

10.    MyDailyWine: 4100 ( 99.36 percentile)

11.    Julie Brosterman: 5149 ( 99.19 percentile)

12.    Alice Feiring: 8379 (98.69 percentile)

13.    Vintank: 9462 (98.52 percentile)

14.    Snooth: 9467 (98.52 percentile)

15.    Wine 2.0 13,888 ( 97.89 percentile)



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