Take the Holiday Wine Quiz and Win 1 of 5 Signed Books

Take the Holiday Wine Quiz and Win 1 of 5 Signed Books

Try your luck with this holiday wine quiz: only 5 questions and you could win 1 of 5 signed copies of my book Red, White and Drunk All Over. I’ll be drawing randomly from those who complete the quiz correctly so there’s still time to enter before December 24 at 5 pm! You don’t have to be a wine expert, pour yourself a glass and have fun with this wine quiz.

There are only 5 questions: you can do it! E-mail me your answers at [email protected] (You need only send me your list of 5 answers as your letter choices so it’s fast.) I’ll draw randomly from those who get 5 out of 5 correct this Thursday, December 24 at 5 p.m.

I’ll post the winners here and also announce the lucky 5 people on Twitter and Facebook, proclaiming to the world (or at least my 6,237 followers) how brilliantly wine savvy you are! Please let others know about this quiz by clicking on the Twitter and Facebook icons to your left. Have fun with this!


1. Why would a wine be cloying?

A.  The winemaker has received too many high scores from critics.

B.  Sugar has been added to the wine.

C.  The sweetness in the wine isn’t balanced with acidity.



2. What is a weeper?

A.  Wine drinkers who get sentimental when they drink certain bottles.

B.  A terrible vintage bemoaned by winemakers.

C.  A bottle of wine that’s weeping or slowly leaking wine from the cork due to a small space around it.


3. What does highly extracted mean?

A.  This refers to the painful process of prying a wine lover’s fingers off a bottle of coveted cabernet that he or she does not own.

B.  A wine tasting note that is a deep shade of purple in its enthusiasm.

C.  A wine with a lot of flavor, color, tannin and alcohol.


4. What does flinty describe in wine?

A.  A wine made by an acerbic vintner with a biting sense of humor.

B.  Dry wines with a mineral character.

C.  Wines that are particularly good for lighting campfires.


5. Why does a wine become cloudy?

A.  Lack of focus from a distracted winemaker.

B.  Unremoved particles or sediment.

C.  All blended wines tend to be cloudy.


E-mail me at [email protected] with your 5 answers and you could win!




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