The first patio party of the year

Quesadilla Salmon & Cheese recipe

I’m glad to announce that I am officially opening my patio. There have been enough warm, sunny afternoons to make me believe that I can safely take my garden furniture out of storage and organize a small get-together. You should do the same. I propose you host an afternoon wine and cheese party so that you can bask with your friends in the spring sunlight, whether it be on your patio or balcony.

The cheese platter I have assembled was inspired by the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, a national competition that celebrates Canadian cheese-making excellence, awarding the best in each category as well as a grand champion. Understandably, it has sparked my enthusiasm to try some of these succulent-sounding cheeses.

First off is the grand champion of the competition—the Louis D’or. This firm organic cheese is made according to the traditions of the French region of Jura and is ripened for nine months to achieve its wonderful flavours. This fruity and creamy cheese will go very well with a spritzy, fresh white like a Domaine du Tariquet.

Surround the Louis D’or with a mouth-watering selection of award-winning cheeses. The Lankaaster Traditional Gouda is a wonderful hard cheese to be enjoyed the way Dutch farmers do: sliced and eaten directly on bread. Pair it with light and fruity red wine, such as Gamay de Touraine.

I would also include Le Bleu d’Élizabeth, a semi-firm blue cheese made from organic raw milk that offers a well-balanced salty flavour. Pair it with a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, such as a fruity Sterling Vintner. Complete the tray with a soft and creamy Island Bries, and complement its delicate mushroom flavour with a slightly sweet wine, like a late harvest wine or a dessert wine.

Finally, here’s a quick, easy and delicious recipe to add a touch of colour to your spread and give your guests something to enjoy between cheese tastings: Salmon & Provolone Mini-Quesadillas.



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