Summer Barbecue Wine Tasting

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18:51:02 From  Christian Boyer : Hello from LaSalle, QC!
18:52:01 From  Joann Dnistransky : Bonjour Christian!  Joann from Amherst NS
18:52:54 From  Catherine Yuill : I’m logging in from Calgary, AB
18:53:01 From  Christian Boyer : Bonjour Joann! I am going close to NS this summer :)

18:53:11 From  Joann Dnistransky : As long as you are not breaking bottles!!!
18:53:29 From  Joann Dnistransky : Christian, where are you travelling to?
18:54:29 From  Jo-Ann Mellon : Hi Natalie, Jo-Ann from Mont Saint Hilaire Quebec here.  Love the music again :).
18:54:54 From  Christian Boyer : Travelling to the Magdalen Islands, passing through NB and PE
18:55:36 From  Jo-Ann Mellon : Magdalen Islands.  One place I have to visit!
18:55:36 From  Joann Dnistransky : Awesome Christian!!
18:55:37 From  Mark Davis   to   All panelists : Mark Davis in Sacramento, CA with Tango Wine Tours.
18:56:22 From  Catherine Yuill : Thanks, nice to be here. :-)
18:56:32 From  Mark Davis : Mark with Tango Wine Tours
18:56:41 From  Joann Dnistransky : How is Calgary ??  Miss my friends in Calgary!!
18:57:27 From  Catherine Yuill : Calgary has been rainy the last few days, which is strange, but it is good, same as always.

Aveleda Vinho Verde 2019
Vinho Verde, Portugal

18:57:30 From  Joann Dnistransky : Just had delivered Good Natured Merlot gamay noir…. wonderful!!
18:57:48 From  Gwen Moran : Delaware
18:58:13 From  Ralph Tozzi : Kirkland Quebec
18:58:17 From  Dennis Wendland   to   All panelists : Kitchener
18:58:22 From  Jo-Ann Mellon : Enjoying a Rioja, 2009 Faustino I Gran Reserva.
18:58:31 From  Michael Garboll : Mike Waterloo
18:58:39 From  Tom Kennedy : Tom Kennedy again from Orleans, ON!
18:58:41 From  Linda Ryall : Hello from Mississauga
18:58:57 From  Christian Boyer : Aveleda Vinho Verde from your list.
18:59:14 From  Joann Dnistransky : I used to live in Orleans ON!!!
18:59:27 From  Francine Zizzo   to   All panelists : HI EVERYONE
18:59:30 From  Betty Lovrin   to   All panelists : Betty lovrin from Acton, Ontario
18:59:51 From  David Skinner   to   All panelists : Hi from sunny Barrhaven, a bit of Peller private reserve rose in the glass
19:00:12 From  Trent Mayers : Hi from Barrie.  Here with some single vineyard Cab Franc from Vineland Estates.
19:00:18 From  Scott Finlayson   to   All panelists : Hello from Carp
19:00:32 From  Elaine Saltmarsh : Hi there, Elaine from Ajax.  🥂

19:00:33 From  Jo-Ann Mellon : Great wine drinking music!
19:00:36 From  Catherine Yuill : I just registered for the rose tasting and ordered the whole big rose kit.
19:00:45 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : hello Natalie Dear, Elaine and Ralf are here with Fielding Sauvignon Blanc in our glass
19:00:59 From  Joann Dnistransky : Someone had recommended The Wine Shop to me a couple of weeks ago… thank you, they’ve really been a good place to order wine!!
19:01:27 From  Shelley McDonald : Lol that was me!
19:01:47 From  Shelley McDonald : I just received my summer wine pack
19:01:53 From  Joann Dnistransky : Thank you Thank you shelley…. they deliver!!!
19:01:53 From  Francine Zizzo   to   All panelists : Wevsee you
19:01:56 From  Rolande Leblanc : Hi Natalie, Looking forward to the wines of tonight
19:02:06 From  Shelley McDonald : Yes they do! Dangerous really
19:02:09 From  Ralph Tozzi : They will not deliver to Quebec
19:02:11 From  Pamela Wood   to   All panelists : Aloha from Maui 
19:02:20 From  Pauline Lynch : Hello Natalie! Pauline here from Ottawa — sans Don this evening
19:02:31 From  Guyanne Lalande-Desforges : Hello from Ottawa
19:02:50 From  Jennifer Havers : Hi there!! Joining from Ottawa :)
19:02:50 From  Nancy Movrin : Looking forward to this:) hello from Cambridge Ontario

Relax Bubbles
Mosel, Germany

19:02:51 From  Elaine Bruce   to   All panelists : Hello everyone !
19:02:53 From  Guyanne Lalande-Desforges : Oops, Guyanne from Ottawa
19:03:06 From  Christian Boyer : I tried to order the rosé package from Wine Shop but they don’t deliver them to Quebec unfortunately
19:03:09 From  Andrea Shapiro   to   All panelists : Hi everyone! Andrea from Ottawa with a sparkling Riesling Bubbles from Relax Wines!
19:03:13 From  Elaine Bruce : HI :)
19:03:21 From  Lynn van der Linde : Hello all you wine lovers! 🍷
19:03:22 From  Wes Foote : Good evening Natalie
19:03:23 From  Heather Proctor   to   All panelists : Heather in Guelph 😁
19:03:25 From  Gus Clemens : Hello from Texas
19:03:28 From  Francine Zizzo   to   All panelists : Where do u click for all pan attdd
19:03:30 From  Edie   to   All panelists : Edie from TX howdy y’all
19:03:31 From  ross Macleod   to   All panelists : Ross from Alabama
19:03:33 From  Margaret Davison   to   All panelists : Hi, Marg from St Catharines
19:03:37 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : yes we are also registered for the rose tasting
19:03:49 From  lori pike : Hi from the Okanagan!
19:03:53 From  Lloyd McDonald   to   All panelists : Greetings from Mystic, CT
19:04:02 From  Shelley McDonald : Hi Lori ! Me too in Vernon
19:04:25 From  Edie : Just switched, howdy y’all from TX
19:04:33 From  Julia Gradwell : Julia from Burlington! :)
19:04:35 From  Pamela Wood : Thanks
19:04:40 From  Dorrett Oliver : Good evening everyone.. Dorrett from Toronto!!
19:04:44 From  Francine Zizzo : Got it
19:04:50 From  Sheila Ryles   to   All panelists : Hi Natalie!!  My 1st tasting with you – very excited!!  (Toronto – GO LEAFS!!)

19:05:01 From  Karen Mitchell : Hello everyone!  Karen from Fort Frances ON.  where it is back to Winter… snowed this morning briefly.  Despite the weather I have the Aveleda Vinho Verde in glass! Spouse drove to next town 30 minutes away to grab it for me !

Relax Riesling
Mosel, Germany

19:05:02 From  Elaine Bruce : Hello from sunny/rainy Calgary
19:05:22 From  ross Macleod : Ross in Alabama with Featherstone Cab franc..
19:06:09 From  Trent Mayers : Ross, the Featherstone Cab Franc is lovely!
19:06:20 From  Karen Mitchell : kaboom
19:07:14 From  Jo-Ann Mellon : Karen, Kaboom L0L.
19:07:36 From  Andrea Shapiro   to   All panelists : I have this in my glass right now!
19:07:39 From  Lynn van der Linde : Oooh, I tried Relax Bubbles this week and was really pleasantly surprised.
19:07:41 From  Nancy Movrin : yes, Relax from the LCBO
19:07:49 From  Christian Boyer : We have the Riesling Relax
19:07:55 From  Pauline Lynch : Was able to pick up the Relax Riesling
19:07:56 From  Julia Gradwell : $13.95
19:08:06 From  Linda Al-Molky : Managed to find the Relax Riesling.
19:08:08 From  Trent Mayers : Sekt is great value
19:08:58 From  Lynn van der Linde : And if we ever get back to having gatherings again, it’s a crowd pleaser!

19:09:02 From  Derek Haukenfreres : Hello from Toronto and drinking a Huff Estates Riesling Off Dry.  I just may put a splash of OJ in it. :)
19:09:12 From  stephen sherry : Stephen from Los Angeles – drinking Dragonette 2019 Happy Canyon Rosé. Cheers!
19:10:14 From  Edie : 9.49 US
19:11:08 From  lori pike : It’s our second vintage.
19:11:23 From  Elaine Bruce : <3<3<3 Hester Creek
19:11:25 From  Gus Clemens : Tasting something very different from the sekt: Belle-Vue Petite Verdot by Belle-due, a 100% petite verdot from left bank Bordeaux. Not common from Bordeaux.
19:11:35 From  lori pike : Thanks, it is our new label.
19:11:51 From  Jennifer Havers : Love Hester Creek wines! Wish we saw more in Ontario!
19:12:04 From  Mark Davis : A nice new label with Hester Creek.
19:12:40 From  Bonnie McBryan   to   All panelists : Hello, Bonnie from Kamloops, BC  Drinking BCs Arrowleaf Rose.
19:12:40 From  Elaine Bruce : Te Amo = I love you
19:12:41 From  Jo-Ann Mellon : We need to get Hester Creek in Quebec at the SAQ.
19:12:44 From  lori pike : It’s a Prosecco style wine made with grapes. Yes a mix. Primarily pinot gris, gewurtz and a bit of Semillon

Hester Creek Estate Winery Ti Amo 2020
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, BC V.Q.A., Canada

19:12:46 From  Karen Mitchell : That closure has been a godsend during the pandemic ….. I can’t (read shouldn’t) drink a whole bottle of bubbly myself. That stopper works great!!!
19:12:52 From  lori pike : Yes, we do ship across the country
19:13:03 From  lori pike : Unfortunately not to the USA.
19:13:10 From  lori pike : You can order direct from the winery
19:13:12 From  Linda Al-Molky : Linda Al-Molky (You): Natalie, did you have Hester Creek shipped to you? It wasn’t available at the LCBO.
19:13:15 From  lori pike :
19:13:41 From  lori pike : 19.99.
19:13:44 From  Ralph Tozzi : Lori – are you sure you ship to Quebec
19:14:23 From  lori pike : To be honest, I am unsure if we can ship to Quebec. If you contact the winery they can tell you.

Hester Creek Estate Winery Character White 2020
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, BC V.Q.A., Canada

19:14:39 From  lori pike : Free our grapes!
19:15:06 From  Karen Mitchell : I agree Lori! FREE OUR GRAPES! :D
19:15:35 From  Trent Mayers : Lori, agree completely.  Free our grapes!!!
19:15:41 From  Jo-Ann Mellon : Karen,  you are so funny!!!  We need t-shirts with FREE OUR GRAPES written on them.
19:15:44 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : any day is a day for Bubbles
19:15:52 From  lori pike : Made in the classic Charmat-Martinotti.
19:16:00 From  Edie : Open the borders!!!
19:16:03 From  Lynn van der Linde : I loved a grilled cheese with sparkling!
19:16:30 From  lori pike : It’s the Charmat method :)
19:16:32 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : popcorn
19:16:46 From  Elaine Bruce : It’s because of the provincial taxes – at the residence. I agree – we need to support our growing industry !
19:17:14 From  Trent Mayers : Chips are great with sparkling too!
19:17:30 From  Guyanne Lalande-Desforges   to   All panelists : I agree Trent
19:17:32 From  stephen sherry : Bubbles & sushi is my fav
19:17:41 From  lori pike : Ohh, pretty bottle!
19:17:42 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : when those stoppers fail, its quite the noise in the fridge
19:17:45 From  Rolande Leblanc : also  got the Relax Riesling and Santa Margherita Rose Brut and we love the Rose…. very refreshing. Still waiting to open the Relax Riesling
19:17:49 From  Jo-Ann Mellon : Pretty bottle and color.  Italy is so fashionable.
19:17:59 From  lori pike : Not yet :)
19:18:08 From  Shelley McDonald : Sparkling rose with Popeyes chicken cuts thru the grease
19:18:14 From  Karen Mitchell : I have that rose in my LCBO cart….. waiting for your review……
19:18:25 From  Karen Mitchell : drumroll
19:18:47 From  Karen Mitchell : :D
19:18:58 From  Shelley McDonald : Also a lovely fruit compote of strawberries raspberries and blueberries
19:19:12 From  Shelley McDonald : Yes

19:19:13 From  Trent Mayers : It has a really nice hue.
19:19:33 From  Shelley McDonald : Natalie rose with Popeyes chicken
19:19:50 From  Rolande Leblanc : Great for sipping on a sunny day on the deck
19:19:50 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : the darker the Rose, the heavier the food paring
19:20:33 From  Lynn van der Linde : Oooohh! All Rosé wines!! Can’t wait.
19:20:38 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : Ralf and I are registered
19:20:41 From  David Skinner   to   All panelists : Rose with grilled jalapeños poppers. Fire and ice!
19:20:42 From  @NatalieMacLeanWine Instagram :
19:20:42 From  Guyanne Lalande-Desforges   to   All panelists : Looking for June 10, already ordered my wines…
19:20:59 From  Elaine Bruce : love roses
19:21:24 From  Trent Mayers : Rose and grilled shrimp :)
19:21:33 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : I posted my video about 7 Niagara rose to the Get wine Smart site
19:21:34 From  Christian Boyer : i tried to order the rose package for June 10 from the Wine shop but they said they don’t ship to QC
19:21:46 From  Karen Mitchell : affirmative… $19.95

19:21:49 From  David Skinner   to   All panelists : Poppers are jalapeño stuffed with cheese and some ground chorizo. At least that’s my version.
19:22:02 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : meeeee
19:22:07 From  Guyanne Lalande-Desforges   to   All panelists : I suggest you join the « the Wine Shop » before ordering as you will get a discount for your purchase
19:22:12 From  Lynn van der Linde : @Christian I’ll bootleg it over to ya ;)
19:22:14 From  Shelley McDonald : Mussels and clams with that one
19:22:14 From  lori pike : Yes, please!
19:22:19 From  Catherine Yuill : Vinho Verde is soooo good
19:22:21 From  Jo-Ann Mellon : Love Vinho Verde!  A superb summer sipper.
19:22:22 From  Christian Boyer : drinking it now. Great and refreshing. Aveleda
19:22:29 From  Susan Otis : There are lots of delicious rose wines from Niagara….. but  also from Provence.
19:22:36 From  Gus Clemens : Big fan. Both Portugal and Spain near Atlantic.
19:22:41 From  Mark Davis : Poppers are so good.
19:22:42 From  Nancy Movrin : I’ve never tried the Aveledo Fonte – I picked it up today from LCBO and have it ready to pour

Hester Creek Estate Winery Cabernet Franc Rosé 2020
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, BC V.Q.A., Canada

19:22:53 From  Trent Mayers : Vinho verde great to quaff on a hot summer day.
19:22:57 From  Susan Otis : Vinho Verde… usually excellent  value.
19:23:01 From  David Skinner : Sorry. It keeps changing. I’m back again to all attendees.
19:23:10 From  ross Macleod : Young wine but very crisp, Verde(s); apple and beach when I tried it.
19:23:17 From  Shelley McDonald : Mussels and clams with that lovely Vinho verde
19:23:22 From  David Skinner : Albariño sort of.
19:23:28 From  Mark Davis : Wines from Portugal are generally great value wines.
19:23:32 From  Christian Boyer : $11.35 at SAQ
19:23:38 From  Karen Mitchell : $11.80 I think… It’s DELICOUS!
19:23:49 From  Francine Zizzo : 9.95 with fish tacos
19:23:50 From  Trent Mayers : Little frizzante?
19:23:51 From  Gus Clemens : Mark Davis is exactly correct.
19:23:57 From  lori pike : With mussels and frites!
19:24:04 From  Susan Otis : yes
19:24:09 From  Karen Mitchell : Had it yesterday with salmon fajita … awesome
19:24:11 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : yes that is the expectation
19:24:16 From  Gus Clemens : Yes, vinho verde often has little fizz
19:24:39 From  Ralph Tozzi : You can get at SAQ Depot 15 % discount if you buy 12 bottles
19:24:51 From  Karen Mitchell : I got lemon/lime, hint of green apple and a slight effervescence
19:24:56 From  Christian Boyer : with lobster Joann!
19:25:00 From  Mark Davis : I must follow Gus.
19:25:07 From  Karen Mitchell : My new favourite varietal!
19:25:15 From  Joann Dnistransky : Definitely lobster!!
19:25:24 From  Guyanne Lalande-Desforges   to   All panelists : In French, we say it’s a « vin perlant ». Just a touch of bubbles,

Hester Creek Estate Winery Terra Unica Sémillon
Golden Mile Bench, Okanagan Valley, BC V.Q.A, Canada

19:25:41 From  Rolande Leblanc : Perfect lunch wine with the Aveleda
19:25:44 From  lori pike : LOL. Thanks
19:26:25 From  Gus Clemens : Newsletter:
19:26:28 From  Jo-Ann Mellon : Rolande,  agree we have it usually with lunch too!
19:26:35 From  lori pike : 16.99 available at the winery, BC LDB and in Alberta
19:26:45 From  Gus Clemens : Facebook:
19:26:57 From  lori pike : Unoaked, juicy and dry
19:27:00 From  Gus Clemens : Website:
19:27:39 From  Trent Mayers : Pinot Gris seems to do very well in the Okanagan.
19:27:41 From  lori pike : All local Oliver area grapes.
19:28:06 From  lori pike : Ohh, this is special. From our 50 year old vines!
19:28:13 From  Gus Clemens : Pine cone
19:28:22 From  Trent Mayers : Pinot Blanc is a mutant of Pinot Noir.
19:28:29 From  Gus Clemens : The bunches are shaped like pine cones
19:28:42 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : Pinot Gris and Grigio are related
19:28:58 From  Mark Davis : I so agree with you on the unnecessary high alcohol content.
19:29:06 From  Pamela Wood : All mutations of Pinot. Kid and Gris and Grigio are the same dna
19:29:09 From  Shelley McDonald : Pinot blanc is lighter but more acidic
19:29:59 From  lori pike : It’s an old vine Pinot Blanc. From 50 year old vines.
19:30:06 From  David Skinner   to   All panelists : Pinot Grigio vs Pinot Gris. The former is a much lighter and straight forward version. Pinot Gris has a bit more complexity and can often be made with some skin contact (pinkish). It’s all about the way the wine is made since it’s the same grape.
19:30:06 From  lori pike : Planted in 1968.

Hester Creek Estate Winery Old Vine Pinot Blanc 2020
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, BC V.Q.A., Canada

19:30:09 From  lori pike : Yup.
19:30:21 From  lori pike : 15.99
19:30:28 From  Karen Mitchell : I thought Gris and Grigio was the same… just different appelations call it different
19:30:41 From  lori pike : Unoaked, refreshing. Dry.
19:30:59 From  Trent Mayers : Wow, Lori!  Low yields from those old vines, I’m guessing.
19:31:04 From  lori pike : Yes.
19:31:09 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : Gris often done in oak but Grigio stainless steel
19:31:14 From  lori pike : And more intense fruit, smaller berries.
19:31:32 From  lori pike : Agreed. More interesting. And more character!
19:31:49 From  Karen Mitchell : Oooooooooo
19:31:57 From  Trent Mayers : Old vine wines are wonderful!
19:32:11 From  lori pike : Character White. Unoaked and just slightly off dry.
19:32:24 From  Linda Al-Molky   to   All panelists : Lori Pike, what is the minimum bottle order for shipping?
19:32:43 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : Chenin Blanc from SA
19:32:50 From  lori pike : $15.99 available at the winery.
19:33:04 From  Gus Clemens : Also called “Steen”
19:33:05 From  Karen Mitchell : Back up the bus to the Aveleda Vinho Verde.  Just had a nip of goats cheese with it. Great pairing!
19:33:14 From  Elaine Bruce : Hester Creek has a beautiful patio and food – the shade provided is from 50+ year old vines
19:33:25 From  Gus Clemens : Chenin Blanc from South Africa is also called “Steen”.
19:33:28 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : Big fan of Albarino as well
19:33:37 From  lori pike : From local Oliver area vineyards. Fun and fruity!
19:33:54 From  David Skinner : Pinot Grigio vs Pinot Gris. The former is a much lighter and straight forward version. Pinot Gris has a bit more complexity and can often be made with some skin contact (pinkish). It’s all about the way the wine is made since it’s the same grape.

Hester Creek Estate Winery Pinot Gris 2020
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, BC V.Q.A., Canada

19:34:45 From  David Skinner : Stupid app keeps reverting to panelists without me changing anything doh!
19:34:54 From  lori pike : PGV. Very pretty. Available at SaveOn in BC.
19:34:54 From  Karen Mitchell : such interesting blends!!!  
19:34:56 From  Elaine Bruce : Gris vs Grigio = French pronunciation vs Italian
19:35:17 From  Jennifer Havers : Ooh, I love Viognier! One of my favourite whites!
19:35:48 From  Lynn van der Linde : @Elaine – Oui! Si!
19:35:52 From  Trent Mayers : Viognier has such great body.
19:35:55 From  Karen Mitchell : Amen Natalie!  That’s going to be my first trip. BC!
19:35:58 From  lori pike : Dry, unoaked. 2/3 Pinot Gris & 1/3 Viognier. Honeysuckle and peach notes.
19:36:11 From  Gus Clemens : viognier also is heat tolerant, thus gaining acreage with global warming.
19:36:22 From  David Skinner : I love Viognier as a varietal but it’s an awesome blending wine! Often with reds.
19:36:28 From  Lynn van der Linde : @David, I knew there was a reason I prefer Gris!
19:36:33 From  Karen Mitchell : I love viognier
19:36:38 From  lori pike : Viognier grows wonderfully in Osoyoos on the Canada/US border. Nice and hot there.
19:36:42 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : if you get a chance, try Adamo Estate Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne. Its devine

Hester Creek Estate Winery Pinot Gris Viognier 2020
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, BC V.Q.A., Canada

19:37:14 From  lori pike : Syrah Viognier is lovely.
19:37:24 From  lori pike : Adds a hint of violet.
19:37:52 From  Trent Mayers : Interesting that Viognier is heat tolerant. Is Condrieu warmer than most of Northern Rhone?
19:38:06 From  David Skinner : Some of the wild ferment Viognier wines are amazing. I think there are some nice ones in the Barossa.
19:38:10 From  lori pike : That is a wine club wine.
19:38:20 From  lori pike : The grape is Sémillon.
19:38:39 From  Scott Finlayson : Terrafina is the restaurant next door to Hester Creek
19:38:46 From  lori pike : Yum.
19:39:22 From  Karen Mitchell : BC seems to have so many different varietals.
19:39:30 From  Elaine Bruce : The JUDGE is AMAZING
19:39:33 From  lori pike : Classic Bordeaux style blend. Merlot, Cab Franc and Cab Sauv.
19:40:31 From  lori pike : Oh pretty. This Rosé is slightly off dry.

19:40:32 From  Karen Mitchell : mmmmmmmmm.
19:40:53 From  Jennifer Havers : Wow, beautiful colour! I think Rosé goes with almost everything!
19:40:56 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : Dark rosé with pork tenderloin or porketta
19:41:35 From  lori pike : From Oliver and Osoyoos fruit. Unoaked.
19:41:36 From  Karen Mitchell : Such a pretty colour.
19:41:46 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : a stuffed pork roast that is of Italian origin
19:42:14 From  lori pike : On my bucket list!
19:42:16 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : yes its stunning
19:42:18 From  Trent Mayers : Mosel is on my list!
19:42:22 From  Edie : Alcohol abuse,,,pouring out wine!!!
19:42:23 From  David Skinner : Rosé with berry pizza. Use mascarpone instead of tomato sauce and sprinkle with field berries. It’s like a big danish!
19:42:29 From  Mark Davis : Over 30 years ago.
19:42:30 From  Susan Otis : yes, It’s beautiful there
19:42:31 From  Elaine Bruce : porchetta = bacon basically w/ the rind. delish but NOT a diet dish
19:42:32 From  Pamela Wood : Yes abs blue slate soil beautiful
19:42:34 From  Julia Gradwell : ONLY 9% alcohol and $12.95
19:42:36 From  Linda Al-Molky   to   All panelists : I think porchetta is a pork belly roast. You can really get a nice caramelized crisp on it.

Hester Creek Old Vines Block 16 Trebbiano 2020
Golden Mile Bench, Okanagan Valley, BC V.Q.A., Canada

19:42:52 From  Rolande Leblanc : We would see this one paired with seafood, preferably lobster
19:43:05 From  Christian Boyer : $13.20 at SAQ
19:43:25 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : Ralf is from Lindau in Southern Germany. We did a lot of touring
19:44:18 From  Karen Mitchell : I’m coming over for dinner David
19:44:23 From  Derek Haukenfreres : That berry pizza sounds yum.
19:44:36 From  David Skinner : The Avalon cruises along the Rhine from Amsterdam to Austria are a wonderful way to taste through the lovely German appellations.
19:44:47 From  Gwen Moran   to   All panelists : $11 here in PA
19:44:47 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : no that’s pancetta not porketta
19:45:28 From  Joann Dnistransky : With all these recommendations…. I have to order a lot more lobster!!
19:45:45 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : porketta is a rolled pork roast with seasoning inside
19:46:21 From  Jo-Ann Mellon : Joann, more lobster! Yum.
19:46:29 From  Francine Zizzo : Its a pork roast diffidently not bacon, can be stuffed and lots of spices, still can’t get it right
19:46:39 From  Karen Mitchell : *runs to kitchen to grab a red
19:47:07 From  Jennifer Havers : ^ Love Karen
19:47:27 From  Jennifer Havers : meant to say – Love Karen’s commentary!
19:47:28 From  Derek Haukenfreres : hurry back Karen.
19:47:57 From  Karen Mitchell : back! haha
19:48:03 From  Joann Dnistransky : 12.95 on line
19:48:23 From  Joann Dnistransky : The Wine Shop!!
19:48:57 From  Elaine Bruce : Pork Belly = porchetta. Delish – just had that twice lately (for a special birthday) YouTube Matty or Babish
19:48:57 From  Karen Mitchell : That one is at the wine shop??!! SWEET
19:49:07 From  Mark Davis : Can’t wait for the board to be reopened.  I want to do a wine tasting trip to Canada.  Many of the blends are not even thought of here in the U.S.
19:49:14 From  David Skinner : A very veggie-friendly red indeed! I served this with Portobello mushrooms stuffed with sundried tomato pesto and pecorino.
19:49:14 From  Trent Mayers : What’s the winery for that red?
19:49:18 From  Karen Mitchell :
19:49:22 From  Elaine Bruce : loving all these wines !
19:49:38 From  Edie : Me too Mark Davis!
19:49:43 From  Michael Garboll : would you chill the Good Nature

Good Natured Merlot Gamay Noir 2020
Niagara Peninsula, Ontario V.Q.A., Canada

19:49:44 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : its another Peller Family wine
19:49:54 From  Joann Dnistransky :
19:50:02 From  Trent Mayers : Always something new in Niagara!
19:50:05 From  Mark Davis : Yes Edie.
19:50:16 From  Francine Zizzo : Name again plse
19:50:34 From  Francine Zizzo : THX
19:51:07 From  Mark Davis : Yes, I saw all the wines prior to the Zoom call.
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19:51:34 From  ross Macleod : Missed last weeks pgm on Niagara wines.. what’s the URL for the recorded version,  ?
19:51:35 From  @NatalieMacLeanWine Instagram : You can sign up for Free Wine & Food Pairing Video Class with me:
19:52:02 From  @NatalieMacLeanWine Instagram : Another way to learn about wine >

Unreserved Wine Talk Podcast:
19:52:08 From  Andrea Shapiro   to   All panelists : The Good Natured Merlot Gamay blend is also avail at the LCBO #  19339

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19:52:39 From  Elaine Bruce : the podcasts are so informative19:52:55 From  @NatalieMacLeanWine Instagram :

Georges Vigouroux Pigmentum Malbec 2018
Cahors, Rhône A.P., France

19:53:20 From  Shelley McDonald : Awesome 
19:53:26 From  lori pike : Love Malbec intensity!
19:53:51 From  Shelley McDonald : So classic and not a fruit punch 🤛 to the nose like the Argentina
19:53:55 From  Shelley McDonald : Yes
19:54:05 From  Shelley McDonald : Ca-hors
19:54:21 From  Trent Mayers : The Black Grape of Cahors.
19:54:25 From  Stephane Dubois : pronounce: Ka-Or
19:54:45 From  Elaine Saltmarsh : LOL
19:55:02 From  lori pike : How much?
19:55:04 From  stephen sherry : Vigouroux makes outstanding Malbec at all price points
19:55:11 From  Shelley McDonald : Lots of mineralty ?
19:55:16 From  Mark Davis : Malbec is so different depending where it is grown.  By far, Argentina Malbec is the flagship.  Many think it is the elevation and the sun.
19:55:20 From  Rolande Leblanc : Thank you Stephanie for the phonetic
19:55:28 From  Mike Welling   to   All panelists : Malbecs are great bbq steak wines!
19:55:36 From  Shelley McDonald : Yes thank you
19:55:39 From  David Skinner : Malbec is muscular and needs hearty fare to fully express itself.

19:55:47 From  Edie : Is that the Atrium Cahors?
19:55:49 From  Gus Clemens : minerality can be related to saline/salt, but not quite the same.
19:56:11 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : smell of rocks after the rain
19:56:13 From  Shelley McDonald : Flinty , Stoney?
19:56:37 From  Joann Dnistransky : Agree Shelley… wet rocks
19:56:55 From  David Skinner : Minerality always seems to me to be a sensation rather than a taste or fragrance. It’s a bit of a feeling so to speak.
19:56:56 From  Mark Davis : Argentina Malbec and Argentina steak.  Amazing.
19:57:09 From  Gus Clemens : minerality more smell and texture, while saline is on the palate.
19:57:43 From  Trent Mayers : Any Dornfelder in it?
19:57:46 From  Christian Boyer : I am drinking the Relax Pinot Noir
19:57:52 From  Elaine Bruce : Too funny Natalie – I love the not wet but hot rocks haha
19:58:23 From  Julia Gradwell : can be enjoyed slightly chilled..
19:58:24 From  Christian Boyer : Really! That is why i couldn’t find it!
19:58:35 From  David Skinner : @mark you are absolutely correct. Argentinian beef with chimichurri
19:58:43 From  Elaine Bruce : Is that due to the percentage of the primary grape to be labeled as such ?
19:59:16 From  Julia Gradwell : Dornfelder 75% and Pinot Noir 25%
19:59:28 From  lori pike : Sangria
19:59:33 From  Susan Otis : Relax Pinot Noir is $14.10 at the SAQ
19:59:33 From  Karen Mitchell : sangria
19:59:34 From  Julia Gradwell : Sangria
19:59:54 From  Julia Gradwell : $12.95 LCBO

Relax Red Blend
Rheinhessen, Germany

19:59:59 From  Gus Clemens : sangria with bad wine is bad sangria
20:00:00 From  lori pike : Mulled wine too maybe?
20:00:17 From  David Skinner : Off dry and acidity balance is really a key to how we perceive wines with a bit of residual sugar. Some of these wines can be great. Others …. not so much.
20:00:18 From  Mark Davis : My wine tours are in Argentina and Chile so I have a little knowledge.  Yes, David, chimichurri; yum!
20:00:41 From  Elaine Bruce : Albarino is the best white wine with ice cubes. doesn’t lose any taste
20:00:57 From  Michael Garboll : Mark Davis what are your wine tours please?
20:01:02 From  Mike Welling   to   All panelists : An ice cube can cover many wine sins!
20:01:18 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : freeze grapes instead of ice cubes
20:01:26 From  Elaine Bruce : thx guys – now I want a chimichurri steak
20:01:28 From  Julia Gradwell : uncomplicated.. easy to drink!
20:02:00 From  Karen Mitchell : I agree Ralph and Elaine!  My go to ice cubes in the summer…. GRAPES!
20:02:14 From  Mark Davis : Mainly in Argentina and Chile.
20:02:27 From  Trent Mayers : It sounds like a nice fruity, quaffable summer red!
20:02:34 From  Mark Davis : No tours currently because it is all shuttered.
20:02:52 From  Jo-Ann Mellon : Thank you Natalie and everyone.  Enjoy your week! Cheers!
20:02:55 From  Derek Haukenfreres : I’m a sinner, I add OJ and Ice cubes to my summer wines.
20:02:58 From  Elaine Bruce : normal is soon !
20:03:06 From  Guyanne Lalande-Desforges   to   All panelists : Merci Natalie
20:03:12 From  Ralph Tozzi : Thanks Great session
20:03:20 From  Susan Otis : Thanks, Natalie. Interesting session.
20:03:23 From  lori pike : Cheers Natalie! Would love to see you in the Okanagan later this summer!
20:03:25 From  Elaine Saltmarsh : Thanks Natalie!
20:03:29 From  Elaine Bruce : thanks so much – great
20:03:29 From  Ralf and Elaine Peters : cheers luv
20:03:31 From  Trent Mayers : Thanks, for another fun Wednesday evening, Natalie!
20:03:31 From  Nancy Movrin : @Derek, its your summer Sangria in a glass!
20:03:38 From  David Skinner : Prefer to keep my wine bottle chilled and only add a little at a time to my glass so it never needs ice. On the other hand…….
20:03:40 From  Rolande Leblanc : Thank you again for a great evening. Will be there next week!
20:03:42 From  ross Macleod : Thank you..
20:03:48 From  Linda Ryall : Thank you, cheers!
20:03:48 From  Dorrett Oliver : Very informative…thank you!!
20:03:51 From  Pauline Lynch : So fun Natalie! thanks
20:03:55 From  Pamela Wood : Thank you
20:03:58 From  Sheila Ryles   to   All panelists : Tks Natalie – enjoyed my premier NM tasting 2nite!!
20:04:02 From  Michael Garboll : thank you Mark your tours look amazing
20:04:06 From  Gwen Moran   to   All panelists : Thank you.  Could only find 1 of the 14, but still enjoyed the session.
20:04:06 From  Catherine Yuill : Thanks!
20:04:06 From  Andrea Shapiro   to   All panelists : Thanks Natalie!
20:04:06 From  Mark Davis : Outstanding Zoom Call Natlie.
20:04:09 From  Betty Lovrin   to   All panelists : Thanks Natalie. Enjoyed this session.
20:04:11 From  Trent Mayers : Cheers!
20:04:14 From  David Skinner : Bye
20:04:14 From  Julia Gradwell : thank you Natalie!
20:04:17 From  Christian Boyer : thanks so much! love it
20:04:19 From  Nancy Movrin : Thank You for this!!!!



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