Wine Confession: Loving the Buzz of Alcohol

Unreserved Wine Talk Podcast Natalie MacLean


As I mentioned in the introductory episode of the Unreserved Wine Talk podcast, every other episode I’ll be doing a solo episode where I offer up some of my personal wine confessions. This is the first of these special confessional episodes.

Many of these stories I’ve never shared publicly. Some will be funny, others will be painful, and a few will be embarrassing. I’ve decided to share these confessions with you not because I’m a psychological exhibitionist, but because you might you might be able to relate, and I want you to know you’re not alone.

Take a listen to my confessional episode as I talk about a taboo subject in the world of wine; loving the buzz of alcohol.



  • My reaction to a recent health study claiming no amount of alcohol is safe to consume
  • The truth I’m embarrassed to admit as someone who writes and speaks about wine professionally
  • Why wine should be treated as an enhancement to an experience and not as the experience itself




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