Introducing the Unreserved Wine Talk Podcast: Unfiltered Wine Conversations and Confessions

Unreserved Wine Talk Natalie MacLean


Welcome to this special introduction to the Unreserved Wine Talk Podcast!

My name is Natalie MacLean and I’ve been writing about wine for twenty years. Growing up in a small Nova Scotia town, I used to think that wine was just for fancy people. However, I now know that the pure pleasure and passion of wine is for everyone.

This podcast serves to help you take the journey I’ve taken with wine. One that will move you away from confusion, embarrassment, and disappointment to a place confidence, ease, joy, and pure pleasure.

In this special episode, you’ll discover exactly how this podcast is going to guide you on that journey and you’ll also learn a little more about me and why I feel this is exactly what I was put on this planet to do.

So, pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine and take a listen to this episode.



  • How have my feelings about wine evolved over the years?
  • How does wine, and this podcast, factor into my mission in life?
  • What was the inspiration for starting the Unreserved Wine Talk podcast?
  • Why am I qualified to guide on you one your journey with wine?
  • What is this podcast not going to be?
  • Who are the types of guests you’ll meet?
  • Where else can you connect with me?




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