Importing Wine for Pleasure and Profit Seminar – Toronto June 16

When you were a kid, did you dream of owning a candy store? Now that you’re a little older perhaps you dream of owning a wine store or a winery or better still, travelling the world looking for great new wines. This is the job of a wine agent.

Wine agents represent wine suppliers. Their role in the industry is to convince the Liquor Boards to buy wine from the suppliers they represent. It isn’t always easy; but, it definitely isn’t rocket science either and there are lots of great perks like wine travel and free samples.

Thanks to your insatiable thirst for new wines, liquor boards across Canada are alwayslooking for new wines. The simple truth of the matter is that there are more wineries than there are wine agents to represent them, so there is an opportunity to start a new career, as a wine agent exists for you.

To understand this global business, you are well advised to take a day-long seminar entitled “Importing Wine For Pleasure & Profit” given by Charles Steven Trenholme a 30-year veteran of the international wine business. From where to find suppliers, to how to offer wines to Liquor Boards are discussed. At the end of the day, you will be able to determine if a full or part-time career in the imported wine business is viable choice for you.

The next session is Saturday June 16th at the Old Mill Inn & Spa, 21 Old Mill Road, Toronto. Sessions will be held in Ottawa and Toronto in November 2012 as well.

You can contact Charles Steven via his website



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