Video: Game of Thrones Wines: Royal Taste?

April 14, 2019 Update:

This live Facebook show originally aired as a prelude to Game of Thrones Season 7.

Now that we’re moving into the final season, I thought it would be fun to bring this chestnut back.

I re-tasted the wines, and my opinion remains the same ;)

Enjoy this episode of the Sunday Sipper Club!

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Are they fit for royalty? What’s the back story on these HBO series-branded wines?

Game of Thrones Wine Reviews

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Here’s a sampling of our lively discussion from our tasting…

Lori Kilmartin13:27 From what I know of your scoring it sounds like you like the wines – but maybe for the price they are “okay” ?
Lori Kilmartin10:26 I watched it when it was over and ended up binge watching. Lol
Lise Charest Gagne6:23 I agree Dave show not for me but then I don’t watch much TV too many hobbies but interested in the wine anyways
Dave Head12:05 Corning Museum in NY you can see medieval goblets
John Morrison12:54 Any food pairing thoughts?
Lise Charest Gagne8:27 Great descriptive terms
Stephen Andrews3:31 The Red Blend on the G of T wine web site says 19.95 it is from Paso Robles. Was there a huge mark up coming into Canada. Or I am I looking at a different product? So is the Chardonnay 19.95. The Cab shows 49.95 now that is US $. Any info or comment
on this?
Stephen Andrews0:00 Seven Kingdoms Wines Game of Thrones Red Blend Paso Robles 2015
Red wine, 750 ml
SAQ code : 13322800 UPC code : 00839146076309 is 27.95$
Lori Kilmartin2:06I heard the Cab Sauv is sold old – and very expensive
Lori Kilmartin0:24 Hi Natalie. Love Game of Thrones!
Lori Kilmartin8:03 What would you give it on your point scale?
Lori Kilmartin15:39 What’s in the blend?
Lori Kilmartin17:31 I agree – love Rhone blends
Lori Kilmartin13:59 Wild boar?
Michel Falardeau0:00How would this compared to a Seven falls.



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