Explore BC Trip Ideas for Wining and Dining

British Columbia is one of the best places to spend a vacation filled with sipping local wines and sampling homegrown food. Check out BC trip ideas, which will tempt you to have a wonderfully indulgent summer.

Here’s a snapshot of the trip ideas you’ll find:

•    Stop and taste award-winning Gewurztraminers along Corkscrew Drive near Penticton.

•    Try a blackberry port-style wine at a First Nations–owned winery on Vancouver Island.

•    Go on a chef-led tour through Vancouver’s Granville Island Public Market, where its stalls are filled to the brim with fresh fruit, vegetables, local meats and cheeses.

Don’t miss a moment this summer. Get ideas and insider tips on the best food and wine in BC, along with places to visit, shop, and stay, maps to get you around and everything you’ll need to plan your summer vacation.



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