Canadian Creamy Cheese and Wine Pairing: The Great Canadian Wine Match

2015 creamy cheese Get tips on pairing Canadian wine and creamy cheese such as Brie and Camembert and where you can buy them from Canadian cheese shops.

Find Canadian cheeses in this searchable directory by province or by cheese producer, as well as a complete list of Canadian cheeses.

Here’s how to store and serve creamy cheeses.

When you nominate or vote for a wine, click on the wine bottle. Then on the wine review page, just click on this link beside the larger wine bottle: “Add My Review”

Please share a few thoughts on why you like this wine and cheese combo. You don’t have to be a wine expert. Feel free to name a specific brand of cheese and perhaps a little trivia about it, where you bought the cheese or first tasted it.

I’m showing you an example pairing note here, but I won’t be nominating or voting for wines and cheeses in the match to maintain neutrality Swiss cheese style ;)

Vote for your favourite Canadian wine and creamy cheese in The Great Canadian Wine Match today!

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