Get Out of Your Wine Rut in 2014: Try These Wines

What are the best wines to try in 2014? Want get out of your wine rut? That’s our wine topic on the CTV News video clip above.

We looked at great wines to try based on what you already like, similar to how Amazon recommends books: if you like this one, then you might like that one. Let me know about a new wine that you discovered this year in the comments below.


Get Out of Your Wine Rut in 2014: Try These Wines

News Anchor: And now back to Leanne Cusack with a little more on the good stuff, this time of the year. Leanne.

Leanne: Well we’ve just learned our fair share about bubbles. Natalie MacLean is here to, well, you’re essentially worried that people are getting into wine ruts.

Natalie: Right, I’m here to help.

Leanne:  It’s the SOS.  OK, essentially, in short order, we’re going to go through a lot of wines that you would like to suggest you add to your repertoire. We have the full list on our website and on Natalie’s website.

Natalie: Exactly.

Leanne:  But if you’re feeling bored with your…

Natalie: Let’s see, if you like a Riesling which is aromatic and floral, why not try Torrontes? That’s the name of the grape; lots of producers make it in Argentina. It’s a beautiful little wine. All of these wines, by the way, are about under $25. So, if you’re going to make a New Year’s resolution, get out of your wine rut and try something different.

Leanne: I don’t know if that’s necessarily the New Year’s resolutions a lot of you are making about wines but she’s a wine writer, so… Okay, you mentioned the Torrentes and what is this one?

Natalie: Well, this is Pinot Gris from BC but available here. So if you love Pinot Grigio, try Pinot Gris. It’s got a little bit more personality. I love the fact that it’s from BC and the label is a hoot.

Leanne: The bottle does have personality as well. So moving right along, what is the Gruner Veltliner.

Natalie: Good job but I’m not going to repeat that either so if you like Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, try Gruner Veltliner.  It’s a great name, again, and we’ll put the wine names, as you said, on the site. S o Gruner Veltliner also has that herbal, sort of green in a good way kind of taste, if you’re looking for something for spinach quiche or vegetarian dishes or even seafood or salad, there’s your go-to wine.

Leanne: Fantastic, and then we move over to…?

Natalie: We’ve got a Zinfandel from California, so if you like a smooth, full bodied red like a Merlot, get out of your red wine rut, try the Zinfandel. It’s got lots of blackberry flavour but none of those furry mouth tannins.

Leanne: A very famous Zinfandel that we’ve chatted about on the program is Raven’s Wood, so would it be very similar to that?  And what about price point?

Natalie:  Yes, exactly. Think about the three Rs. Yes, this is about $19.95. The three R’s, are Raven’s Wood, Rosenblum and Ridge, that’s the other one.  All from California. This is the big 3.

Leanne: So they’re all Zinfandels?

Natalie: Well they all make Zinfandels among other wine, but yes, if you remember that.

Leanne: Those are the big 3.

Natalie: There you go.

Leanne: There’s a lot to remember, I hope we are taking notes. I told you that before. But now in the middle we have?

Natalie: Well, let’s go to Chile, so, here we have Carmenere. And again, if you like a Cabernet Franc or a Cabernet Sauvignon, try Carmenere. Again it’s full bodied, luscious and a bit smoother than your Cabernets but it’s $14.95. It’s a good deal.

Leanne: Woah. (inaudible) Syrah. Que Syrah, Syrah.

Natalie: Yes, thats right. Syrah is another name for Shiraz, it will differ based on where it’s grown. This one’s from South Africa which is a really good source region for deals. So this is a blend of Syrah and Mourvedre, another red grape and a dash of the Viognier which is a white and it just brightens and lifts the wine.

Leanne: Well, what’s so interesting is how a grape has one name in a certain region, so Shiraz is also a Syrah, a Cab Sauv is also a…

Natalie: Cab Sauv.

Leanne: A Bordeaux is also?

Natalie:  I have to take some notes afterwards.  No, you’re right, it’s a blend.

Leanne: It’s a Cabernet Sauvignon. So what do we have here?

Natalie: Okay, so on we go. This is a Tannat.  This is also from Argentina and it’s a very robust red. So if you like Cabernet Sauvignon, full throttle, got a tannic grip, a little bit of that furry mouth going, and you’ve got a rare juicy steak, Tannat is you’re grape.

Leanne: Good to know, and next to the Tannat? We are going through in rapid order but we do promise you the list is on Natalie’s website, it is on our website as well. This one is?

Natalie: Baco Noir, this is a Niagara original, one of the grapes we’re famous for. Henry of Pelham is probably the best known producer of it. This one is $14.95.  If you like Australian Shiraz, give this one a go.

Leanne: So, but it’s known as Baco Noir but it is like an Australian Shiraz.

Natalie: Yes. Big plummy dark fruit.

Leanne: Yes, you can understand why so many people go to the LCBO and just end up going to the same thing, because it’s confusing. You find your safe bet and you stick with it.

Natalie: Yes.

Leanne: But this is why Natalie is here to educate us.

Natalie: Absolutely.

Leanne: We have about thirty seconds with just three or four wines.

Natalie: Okay.

Leanne: Malbec sort of speaks for itself, tell us about it.

Natalie: If you like, again, a full bodied red, these are such amazing deals from Argentina.

Leanne: How great is the deal?

Natalie: Well, this one is less than $20 but it drinks like 40. I mean it’s just amazing. It’s smoother than Cabernet and a bit more robust than Merlot. So it’s kind of like the Amazon style. If you like this book then you’ll like that book. So go for Merlot. This is a blend from Spain. Again, there are a lot of different grapes you might not recognize but that is what you want to try to experiment with.

Leanne: So the most famous one from Spain is Rioja, is that the grape on that or no? I can’t really see.

Natalie: The Rioja is the region, Tempranillo would be the grape.

Leanne: See? Another thing to learn, Rioja is the region…

Natalie: Tempranillo is the grape.

Leanne: Okay, two left. We’ll be really quick.

Natalie: We got another Malbec so we’ll jump, we’ll keep going and then we’ve got Pinotage from South Africa. Again, another full body, not well known, has a kind of coffee, mocha, espresso, so if you like your coffee espresso in the morning, try it in the evening.

Leanne: So would that be a great dessert sort of pre-dessert wine?

Natalie: Well, it’s not sweet but it would be lovely with hearty beef dishes. You could drink it afterwards.  Probably not with desserts, but yes.

Leanne: Sometimes her wine is her dessert. We want to thank you so much, Natalie.

Natalie: Thanks you.

Leanne: Having you on the show is like dessert for everyone because we learn so much. Happy New Year.

Natalie: Oh, very sweet. Happy New Year.

Leanne: A little bit early …  you’ll be thinking of Natalie and toasting her with her bubbles and her Cab and Prosecco or actually Champagne.

Natalie: Cheers, Leanne.

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