Wine Casks have Captured the Attention of Canadian Wine Consumers

boxed wine JTCasks, most often referred to as boxed wines, have traditionally had a bad reputation with consumers.

The perception is that wine in a box must be poor quality wine and that no one buys them.

As one of the fastest-growing segments of the Canadian wine industry, high-quality boxed wines are finally getting the attention they deserve in this country.

Australia has lead the way with casks since the majority of wine Down Under is sold in boxes. Now, Canadians are getting hip to the idea that good wine can come in something other than a bottle.

For the first time ever, there is an international wine in a box competition in France, awarding prizes for the best boxed wines.

Here are 5 benefits of drinking wine from a box:

1.    Freshness

Unlike bottled wine, boxed wine stays fresh for up to six weeks after opening. All boxed wines use a bag-in-a-box technology that keeps the wine fresh. As wine is consumed, the bag collapses. This, along with an airtight spigot for pouring, keeps oxygen from getting in to ruin the wine.

2.    Value

Boxed wine is better value. A 4L box contains over five regular 750ml bottles. When you do the math on 5.25 bottles vs one box, you discover the incredible value in buying your wine in a box. The exact same wine that goes into the bottles is also going into the box. It is not uncommon for a winemaker to fill bottles as well as boxes with wine from the same tank.  Think of it like Costco. When you buy bulk items at Costco, you are getting the same quality but just in bigger quantities. Same principle applies with buying wine in a box.

3.    Less Packaging

One 4L box uses one box and one bag. The equivalent volume if bought in 750ml bottles would use 5 bottles and 5 closures. The box packaging is lighter and much more environmentally friendly than bottled wine.

4.    Convenience

A box of wine is easier to open and serve. Once chilled to the appropriate temperature, the box can be easily opened and stored in your fridge or pantry. If you only want to have a glass a wine with dinner, you don’t have to worry about spoiling the rest of the bottle. As an added bonus, there are no corkscrews required!!!

5.    Portable

Boxed wine is very portable and perfect for large gatherings. The lack of glass makes them much more practical to transport from one place to another, so you can bring them to a party or barbecue without worrying about breakage or the numerous bulky bottles.

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