Wine App is a Pocket Sommelier on Mobile Phones

On App Central this Saturday, hosts Lyndsay and Michael review our new wine mobile app, describing it as a pocket sommelier ;)  You can download the free wine app here.

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Also, the latest news from Google based on its massive data and analytics: by the end of this year, searches on mobile devices will surpass those on desktop computers.

This is especially relevant for the wine category, where most buying decisions are made outside the home in the liquor store or in a restaurant. We definitely see an incredible volume of traffic on our apps. Happy shopping!

2014 app on wood smallPosted with permission of CTV News.

Lyndsay: And finally, for us this week, for some, buying wine can be a little overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to pair it with a dish. But not anymore, thanks to wine reviews and ratings by Natalie MacLean. And Michael, Natalie really knows her wine. A lot of good tips here.

Michael: She certainly does and I don’t know anything about wine and I never know what the right wine is to take to somebody’s house or if there’s a certain food that they’re cooking to go with the meal. So this app will help you.

All you have to do is scan the bar code, or take a picture of the bar code and it will give you so much information. Everything from recipes that go with these, pairings, and it can also give prices, nearby shops from over 150,000 wines for stores all over the country, and it will tell you where the nearest shop is that has that wine and if they actually even have it in stock. So, so much valuable information.

Lyndsay: And this app offers a couple of other fun things like a cellar journal and a winery directory.

Michael: It certainly does and then even better than that, you can actually then upload, if you’ve selected some favorite wines, to your virtual wine cellar. So, something for everybody.

Lyndsay: A lot of good apps to try out. Once again, Scanbot, King of the Course and Wine Reviews and Ratings by Natalie MacLean. Thank you Michael, for joining us this week. We appreciate your time.

Michael: You’re welcome.



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