Which Wine to Pair with 24?

Which Wine to Pair with 24?

The new season of 24 has started with a bang. Wine lovers are wondering not so much how Jack Bauer will get out of his latest predicament, but rather, which wine(s) to drink while watching the series. Until that’s settled, there’s no way we can focus on the plot. So here are some fun suggestions to kick things off from my wine friends on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere online:

A tasty, and a challenging pairing! Probably something bianco & indigenous to Italy. Falanghina perhaps?


I’m also thinking an Oregon Pinot might work… unassuming yet powerful (as in a Bauer Surprise attack) LOL


Perhaps a Cdn wine in honour of Keifer Sutherland, or something brooding, robust and dark…


I like Natalie’s thought process… Only Canadian I have right now is Wayne Gretzky Estates but that could work


Something big and American with no sense of balance or finesse. Some over the top Zin or Cab. Min 15.5%ABA+++


Purple Cowboy Wines are really smooth. Their ‘Tenacious Red’ reminds me of Jack!


I heart 24!! Can’t wait for Jack! I am lovin’ your creative suggestions for wines to drink while watchin 24 tonight!


D’Arenberg Shiraz Dead Arm will be my 24 companion.


Definitely a VERY solid Napa. Maybe a Neal cab (Howell Mtn) or a Guilliams cab franc (Spring Mtn).


High octane Zin!



Below: Jack anguishes over the choice between Argentine Malbec and Aussie Shiraz.

Tough call, someone’s gotta make it.

Something bold and edgy, young cab sauv or Aussie Shiraz


Port (smokey and chocalatey smooth) with Jack Bauer in 24 opener tonight.


A “hit them with both barrels blazing” Shiraz.


Two hour premier, & two hours Mon. Should be big, bold, dynamic and dramatic. Clos de Papes. In Magnum. 2001: 1st yr of 24!


Something that is complex, like a Meritage or Bordeaux, but also over the top like Pinot fruit bomb…maybe a Pinot blend?


You’re on to something w/ a “fruit bomb” wine & 24! An episode w/ Jack after the terroirists


It should be obvious which wine for 24; Conundrum. :)


Fun discussion. Can’t wait for the one we’ll have about pairing wine with Entourage when its time!



Jack explains to the terroirists below that there’s no time to lose:

“We need to get to the vineyards now!”




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