Vintages Release June 25: Malbec and Chardonnay from Argentina + Barbecue Wines

Here are some of my top picks and best value wines from the June 25 Vintages Release. You’ll find all 75 wines here that I’ve recommended from a wide range of price points, styles, scores and food pairings. (Make sure you have some back-up choices in case some of these are sold out.)

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9 thoughts on “Vintages Release June 25: Malbec and Chardonnay from Argentina + Barbecue Wines

  1. I just wrote an article for a local magazine about wines that go with grilling (in the South, if you say BBQ, you get asked, “Pork or Beef?”). I have been telling anyone who will listen that the wine to look out for this year is Malbec. My favorite grilling wine still remains Cline’s Ancient Vine Zin, but Trinchero Golden Reserve Malbec is wonderful beyond belief.
    Happy grilling and I hope your BBQ turns out well!

  2. I’m very happy that you like the Wynns 2008 Coonawarra Shiraz, so do I and I have several bottles in my cupboard. In fact I have every Vintage of it from 2001 to 2009. It would have be one of the most consistent wines around because it “over delivers” year after year. My favourite wine is Wynns Black Label Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon and it also over delivers year after year even when many surrounding vineyards suffer from serius frost damage in the growing season, eg. November 2007 for the 2008 Vintage.

  3. One more pairing that is a favorite of mine for all seasons(nobody is allowed to laugh at this):
    A good Malbec such as Navarro Carreras and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich late at night when everyone else is in bed and the house is absolutely quiet! Good brain food.

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