Wine & Cheese Pairing Video: What Is Your Favourite?

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Such a great discussion with lots of favourite pairings and tips!

We’ll have a second chat this Wednesday, November 14th at 8 pm eastern – mark your calendar!

Please note that while these two feedback sessions about pairing wine and cheese are on Facebook, the course itself will NOT be … so don’t let that stop you from joining me in the course in early December ;)

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Wendy Crispell32:49 Aged Gouda can be almost carmelized in flavor. Also can have super crunchy texture. Roomano is one of these styles. Bigger reds or full bodied whites.
Jamal Uddin0:00 Do you have to have different wine with different cheese or Pinot Noir will bring out the best in all of them!


Donna Mae Wason0:00 What is an exclusive Beta group? How would members meet via privately online sessions ?
Nancy Douglas2:25 Hi Natalie, “accidentally” found your facebook live event tonight. Tried to post a comment but that didn’t seem to work. Seemed like a dynamic group. Good idea. Short course. Mid November best. Joined you on Facebook so will hopefully get your updates. Cheers.
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Deborah Podurgiel29:45 melted brie with sauteed Portobello mushrooms and thyme is great with an earthy Pinot Noir. Another might be a more full-bodied Cab Franc with a melted brie and berry dish

Adam Williams12:30 Most interested in the fundamentals of wine + cheese pairings, in addition to classic and favourite pairings. I want to have the knowledge to figure out ideal pairings based on the category of cheese
Dawn Neff Bookshar12:12 I’d like to learn – Hosting a wine and cheese party and designing a cheese plate. I haven’t really explored a lot of cheeses (beyond the basics)
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Rachelle O’Connor28:00 Yes, seasonality! What to serve at what time of the year. What cheese is best for a particular occasion when entertaining?

Carl Peters7:25 Penticton, British Columbia. Okanagan wine country. A great pairing between a rich blue and the depth of full bodied Shiraz/Syrah.


Kathie Braid24:42 Best places to buy cheeses. Since I’m in a rural area where can I buy online. Are there monthly cheese taster boxes available?
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Jason Davies14:28 Natalie when ever I go to Champagne most of the producers always refer to aged Comte to be a perfect accompaniment to sparkling wine. Me I like pouilly fume with 🐐cheese

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Rachelle O’Connor30:33 Jacobson’s is great in Ottawa (Beechwood area) for any folks in the area needing cheese tips when buying!


Wendy Crispell12:41 I love super aged Roomano with Merlot and sparkling with triple creme. I teach wine and cheese pairing classes monthly.
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Beverly Asleson25:42 I love the Babybel cheese which White Wines pair with it, I’ve tried Chardonnay.

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Lise Charest Gagne46:39 That’s the name Dive deep into wine and cheese

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Lise Charest Gagne35:40 Eliminate cheese that has fake stuff in it like example blue cheese with pear flavour let’s keep it pure cheese

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Gwen Barton40:49 Zengarry makes a lovely vegan cheese (no… really)

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Gwen Barton30:46 Tips in How to arrange cheese with charcuterie tray


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Melanie Lloyd3:32 I love smokey Balderson with an oaked Chardonnay

Donna Mae Wason37:07 For Vancouver… my go to Cheese place is Mes Amies du Fromage… two location


Carla Ann Andresen13:59 I want to use these for the upcoming holidays and the right cheese


Adam Williams47:03 Also interested to know best serving temperatures for cheeses


Fred Clift43:17 Is cheddar too middle of the road to pair with wine?
Fred Clift35:40 Which cheeses go good with a glass of sherry?


Catherine Gow1:29 International cheese on the market. Black Truffle cheese. With cab sauv but should have gone Pinot
Catherine Gow1:29 Yes Christmas is coming. Excellent timing. :-D. Wine and cheese staff party


Lois Gilbert14:13 would you do one wine with a selection of cheeses?
Al Mahib11:46 Goat Manchego paired with Cava (Brut)
Marie-Piere Belisle24:53 How would you pair a creamy ( high fat) melted brie with a full bodied red? My guests seem to devour this combo… 🤗
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Lise Charest Gagne38:21 I think mimolette is orange with a firm crust possibly


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Lise Charest Gagne32:33 Smoked Gouda with Malbec and add a bit of chorizo on the plate


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Lise Charest Gagne30:07 My fav is grey owl it’s a zingy soft cheese with ash. It’s a Quebec cheese!! I love it with torronte

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Councillor Pattison10:51 I’d like the basics. How do I know what matches with what?

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Darryn Varey31:47 Aged gouda has a lot of similar flavours to parm. If it pairs with parm, it might be a good choice for old gouda

Catherine Flemming13:48 family from Europe is coming for Christmas, so would really find this helpful


Dawn Neff Bookshar43:49 What would an approximate cost for the course be?


Carla Ann Andresen1:22 I love Sweet wine with a nice brie


Catherine Gow1:29 We moved to sauv blanc and oka Loving these tips 💗


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Jason Davies15:55 I have a friend that tries to pair riclette with a wine. And finds that difficult to do


Steve Frank11:44 Creamy sharp yet smooth long cream and butter like finish that coats the mouth


Douglas Schuerer39:10 Mimolettte was put on hold by FDA Doe to allergy to the mites


Richard Joseph36:48 Mimolette is a firm French cheese. It is buttery and nutty. It reminds me of a really good cheddar
Richard Joseph32:30 Mimolette and an acidic full bodied red is terrific


Bill Wright22:04 Port – with dates soaked with port covered with stilton cheese hot from oven
Lois Gilbert6:20 spot prawns and my new favourite white is Sea star Salish Sea from pender Island
Cynthia Boyne4:19 Cynthia from Ottawa, I always enjoy the 5year old Balderson and whatever red is in my fridge, California cab, or Ontario Baco Noir


Alan Cameron39:22 In Kanata the best cheese is new..An Irish entrepreneur new to Canada with a great resume. Shop is called “Cheeses Murphy” You’re welcome.


Jorge Odam12:43 I love pair food and wine and my rule, not that it is the correct one is that wine should not over power food. I can talk about this for long and get you bored


Jorge Odam11:33 I heard great pairing ideas and some that I would say be careful as smokey wine and smokey cheese, one may kill the other


Cynthia Boyne21:19 Hi Natalie, I always have the Balderson Cheddar and I usually pair it with my favourite reds – full bodied reds and French and Italian reds.. I would definitely be interested in your course.


Allison Fader2:40 My favorite new wine & cheese pairing is Falernia Carmenere (from Chile) and cumin Gouda.


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Lise Charest Gagne41:03 Most time the Italian delis can have some nice selections. We have a few here and luckily we just got a new fresh curd place it’s called Nickel City Cheese. Pairing from heaven warm curds for 10 min and pour maple syrup on them. Chase it with some bourbon

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Darryn Varey34:05 mimolette is the cheese of the gods

Lenore Begley39:49 Fifth Town Cheese Prince Edward County


Marie-Piere Belisle21:13 Hi 👋🏼 Natalie cheese 🧀 please! 🐭 🍷


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Elaine Bruce16:12 wine+cheese ?? of course – FONDUE – yum !


Catherine Flemming10:41 Love St Andre cheese


Frances Hack Brown36:28 Alex Farm Products in Toronto


Kathie Braid31:17 Pasteurized vs unpasteurized?
Donna Mae Wason29:22 Would love to pair aged Gouda with ???


Frances Hack Brown1:51 Saint Agur and LBV port


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Councillor Pattison7:26 I like idea of 5 week. Not too short


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Lise Charest Gagne28:38 Oka mini in meant!! I’m addicted


Fred Clift27:39 Parmesan and chianti.


Catherine Gow1:29 Loving these ideas. Looking forward.
Steve Frank16:25 Cashews with port



Adam Williams14:25 Yes, Taleggio


Geoff Davenport36:31 Benson Brothers in Vancouver.


Douglas Schuerer37:46 Named 2. Not original names
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Deborah Podurgiel20:38 Alex de Portneuf Pacific Rock seems to go with a lot. Oka Classique is another that goes along with some more full-bodied red wines — the wine season in which we are in *(*. Nice and savoury. I had a fantastic taleggio the Italian wine presentation in Vancouver. It went with just about everything and was quite surprised how well it fit with some of the crisper whites

Jorge Odam10:44 Hey Natalie, I think this is great idea, wine does pair very well with cheese.


Lois Gilbert37:26 cheese boutique in toronto
Nathan Hill4:13 Here is a good site for the US that will ship to you.
Brent Gushowaty19:01 I think that you could get bogged down on any kind of theory of wine and cheese pairings given that there are thousands of kinds of cheeses (goat, sheep, cow, various rinds etc.) and so many styles of wine but you could certainly give lots of good pairing suggestions and probably keep it to cheeses that are readily available. But I think what would be most helpful to a lot of people is a focus on presentation, how to do a wine and cheese party, cheese tools, plates and utensils, how to cut various cheeses, serving temperatures,the back stories on the cheeses, where do find specialty cheese shops in your area and more.
Randy Thompson1:40 Hi Natalie. I’m from Mississauga and my wife and I enjoy J Lahr Cab Sav.


Cynthia Boyne44:41 Enjoyed the chat. Thanks Natalie




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