Bring Your Own (Wine) Bottle (BYOB) Etiquette


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Paul E HollanderDon’t often visit chain restaurants preferring more the locally owned ones. But Coopers Hawk Winery and Ruth’s Chris have excellent lists.
Guyanne Desforges15:29 I find that good restaurant don’t allow or charge too much…the last time I brought wine at a restaurant was at Vieux Dulude in Quebec. (it’s been a while). however after tonight’s discussion, I will call around and choose a restaurant where we can bring it.
Jenn Havers8:11 We “over bought” some wine in California on our honeymoon, so ended up enjoying a few in restaurants over the last few days of our trip! It worked out well. Some places even did not have a corkage fee as I remember. But the general rule I’ve heard is that you should tip on the $$ of the wine.
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Paul E Hollander11:05 We bring our own when we go out with other couples, each bringing a bottle. We have invited the server a glass or have left the remaining bottles with them.
Guyanne Desforges32:17 the new restaurant ‘Le St-Laurent’ (close to Beechwooed) let us organise dinners and we bring our wine.
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Paul E Hollander2:47 We often bring our own bottles. There is normally a “corkage” fee.
Guyanne Desforges18:14 Vieux Dulude is a Family Greek restaurant in Gatineau on St-Joseph bvld (but not sure if still open)
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Lise Gagne8:31 I’ve always felt weird bringing my own wine to a restaurant or while visiting but my wine is usually better
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Paul E Hollander5:48 The markup is normally 2 times the store price.
Joe Donner26:11 When a Restaurant allows corkage it can help increase sales as customers who see bottles on other tables encourages them to buy bottles as well. I think dining is a very visual experience
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Lise Gagne22:35 BYOB on low dining nights that’s brilliant
Gary Horner5:03 typically around 20.00 so I would want to bring a really good wine
Carl Bird3:41 Quebec had BYOW restaurants which does not allow corkage fees.
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Lise Gagne21:40 It also prevents the “pre drinking” concept
Carl Bird4:57 Can’t bring your own bottle to a licensed restaurant in Quebec.
Gary Horner14:59 I think the most common mark up in Toronto is 3 times LCBO cost
Gary Horner3:32 I have brought wine and paid a corkage fee
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Lise Gagne34:37 The biggest reason I refrain from wine at restaurants is that the better stuff is only sold by the bottle
Gary Horner11:53 I have been to a few restaurant that do not sell wine and they encourage you to bring your own wine
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Lise Gagne30:36 If all else fails bring a flask I guess lol
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Paul E Hollander3:52 About $25.00




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