Take the guesswork out of pairing wine and cheese

Take the guesswork out of pairing wine and cheese

If you’d like to take some of the guesswork out of selecting wines that go well with Balderson Cheddars, experiment with applying the concept of “terroir.”

The basic idea is that the attributes of agricultural products like wine and cheese are shaped by the landscape that produces them – and that products from the same regions therefore go well together.

By this principle, Canadian wines should be your first choice for serving with Balderson Cheddars. For your “terroir” experience, pair our Vintners For Red Wine or our Vintners Cheddar for White Wine with any of the reds or whites from 20 Bees.

This new winery was an outstanding find at last year’s Ottawa Wine and Cheese Show. Our Vintners Cheddars has been especially aged and graded to complement most whites or reds, but these fine Canadian wines make an especially good “terroir” match.




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