Swimming with Sharks for a Wine Book: Seafood and Wine Pairing Anyone?

After we stopping debating which wine pairs best with a rare shark steak (and the ethics of using a wine writer as bait), we jumped into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of South Africa.

No, I didn’t stay on the boat, but avoiding getting eaten, taking pictures and thinking about wine pairings was too much to do all at the same time. Yes, I’m the one looking like a drowned rat. And yes, I’m insane.

The experience though is one I’ll never forget… the black marble eye of one of those 20-foot sharks side-on, each of us wondering who’d be dinner. Take a look at the slow-motion capture near the end of the video to see just how large this sucker is.

The shark-diving is in chapter four of my new book Unquenchable.

Ever been to sea Billy? Arrrrrgh!



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