Reporting Live from the LCBO: Which Wines are Hot Now?

Bila Haut ReviewHere’s a little story about the power and reach of social media … it started with food blogger Anne Waters who was shopping in the LCBO and noticed one of my wine reviews posted on the shelf.

Physical world, paper review, glass bottle, liquid wine.

That’s where it would have ended three years ago. However, Anne took the Instagram picture above with her smartphone and shared it on Twitter.

(The Bila-Haut M. Chapoutier 2011 is a robust red wine that’s perfect for summer barbecues … you can’t beat the price-quality ratio at 91 points for $14.95.)

I forwarded Anne’s tweet to my 30,000 thirsty friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, then added the video below using Twitter’s new Vine mobile app and created this blog post.

The tweets, posts and video were then forwarded on various social networks by just over 600 people who have more 1.3 million followers and friends combined … since 8:17 pm last night.

Call me a juice monkey, but I love live reports from the field. More than this, I love the new ways that we discover wines!

Several liquor store staff have since e-mailed me to say that they’ve sold out of this wine. Not to worry though, some stores still have stock and you can find out which ones using my real-time LCBO inventory look-up or using GPS on my mobile app.

As well, this is just one of 14 fantastic wines I recommended in the June 8 Release LCBO Catalogue. Here’s a sneak peak at 5 more in June 22 reviews.

Of course, now we’re back the paper reviews that started this whole thing! We come full circle, which is nothing new, but the speed at which we arrive there is exponentially faster with social media.


P.S. Move your mouse over the video below and when you see the speaker in the top left corner with the red X click on it to turn on the sound.



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