Red, White and Drunk All Over on Mt. Everest

Red, White and Drunk All Over on Mt. Everest


Sometimes, I get the most amazing e-mails … people who’ve been out at sea for months and have read my book, others who decided to changed careers as a result. I’ve always thought of Red, White and Drunk All Over as a light-hearted, diverting read, but these human stories touch me.

So I was floored to get the e-mail below a few days ago …

From: Hannah Iland
Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2011
To: Natalie MacLean
Subject: Lukla, Nepal

Dear Natalie,

I worked at Navarra restaurant for close to two years and had the pleasure of serving you and your family many times.

I am currently traveling and I have been spending time in India and Nepal. I have attached a picture I took in Lukla, Nepal, the main starting point of the Mount Everest Base Camp hike.

I walked into a small guesthouse to look for a book exchange and there on the wall was a large 3 by 5 foot poster of your Red and White and Drunk all over. I have no idea if you had anything to do with putting it there, but I thought you might enjoy the picture and knowing that you have spread half way around the world, up to 2,860 metres and to a village accessible only by foot or plane.

I hope that all is well with you and your family.

Take care,


Who woulda thunk it? I wonder if Amazon delivers there …




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