Summer Smoked Cheese Platter Recipe Paired with Shiraz, Merlot

August 2014  - Natalie MacleanPool-Side Pickers

Backyard pool parties are the best. But staying in the sun all day can leave you and your guests fatigued and most of all, hungry. If you find yourself hosting or invited to a backyard bash, serve something that’s always a satisfying crowd pleaser: a delicious Canadian cheese platter.

Prospect July 2014 AOf course, when preparing the perfect platter there are questions that arise, like which cheeses should you serve and which wine pairings work best with them? That’s why I’ve compiled a list of my summer go-to’s that will satisfy the most discerning palettes.

So here it is, my list of three tasty Canadian cheeses to add to your summer platter. The first one is an Extra Aged Cheddar, a flavourfully strong cheese with a fun crumbly texture.

Pair it with an aromatic dessert wine like Prospect Winery’s The Lost Bars Vidal Icewine to bring out its rich artisanal flavour.

The second cheese I recommend is Smoked Gouda. This is a smooth, semi-hard textured cheese that comes in a mild to medium strength.

Try it with a Shiraz like Trove Winery Shiraz Cabernet to complement the sweet paprika seasoning Trove Wine Shiraz Cabthat covers its surface.

And finally, you can round out the cheese platter with a versatile and traditional Canadian Swiss. It has a pronounced nutty taste and is delicious on its own, or paired with crackers. It also goes well with Merlot wines, like the full-bodied Merlot from Quails’ Gate Estate Winery.

As you’Quails Gate Merlot July 2014ll probably note, there’s no food that elicits a better response than a mouth-watering Canadian cheese platter. Guests’ eyes will light up with joy when they witness its unveiling.

Couple it with some crackers and Canadian wine choices to complement the rich flavours and you may just be deemed the best host ever. To discover more pairings with Canadian cheese, visit


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