Put those Oysters on Ice

Put those Oysters on Ice

The perfect oyster is like a little taste of heaven. These silky, succulent treasures of the water can easily turn a meal into a marked occasion. Oysters aren’t just fun to eat, they are also an excellent source of protein and are high in essential minerals and vitamins and low in calories and cholesterol. And just when you thought that a plate of perfectly shucked oysters couldn’t get any more delicious, compliment them by serving Jackson Triggs Méthode Classique Brut along side the meal. This medium bodied wine is made with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes grown in the Niagara region, an are known for having the perfect climate and terroir for sparkling wines.

Now don’t forget that the way an oyster is prepared is just as important as the dish in its entirety. Shucking oysters requires the right tools and some patience. You’ll need a good oyster knife and a heavy glove or oven mitt. Hold the oyster in your gloved hand, rounded side down and pointed end toward you. Insert the knife tip under the hinge, in the small indention between the upper and lower shells. Move the knife away from the hinge and twist until the shell cracks open. Move the knife toward the rounded end to cut the top connector muscle and twist off the top shell. Finally, run the knife gently under the oyster meat to sever the bottom connector muscle.


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Fresh Shucked Oysters with Jackson Triggs Icewine Mignonette

This take on a classic oyster accoutrement uses Icewine as the main ingredient in place of red wine vinegar. The acidity and residual sugar plays well with the briny oysters.

Makes ½ cup


½ cup Vidal Icewine
¼ cup rice wine vinegar
2 Tbsp. finely diced leeks
2 Tbsp. finely diced shallots
Salt & pepper to taste


1.)    Combine Icewine & leeks in a saucepan, reduce by half, cool
2.)    Add remaining ingredients, season to taste
3.)    Store in airtight container in the fridge, will keep up to 2 weeks
Serve with your favourite oysters and Jackson Triggs Méthode Classique

Recipe By Great Estates of Niagara Chef, David Penny




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