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Airline Wine: Flights of Wine You Can Drink Without Reservations

Which wines are best to drink when you’re in the air? How do your sense of smell and taste change with increased altitude? Why are airlines paying more attention to their wine selections on board? It's all things in-flight wine-related on today's episode.

Seafood Pairings, Flying Corks, Sober Curious

How do you pair wine with seafood? Should we be following tradition or are there new rules? What's the right way to safely open a bottle of bubbly? What does it mean to be sober curious? I'm exploring...

Orange Wines, Pairings for Meatless Burgers

Is orange the new white? Which wines pair best with meatless burgers? How do you keep your wines cool in the summer heat? Today we’re diving into these questions and more as we continue on our summe...

Pairing Wine & Charcuterie with Jennifer McLagan

We’ve become so paranoid about fat in our diets that we forget that not all fats are alike. Author and expert in charcuterie, Jennifer McLagan, talks about those that are good for us, and together, ...

Canada Day Wines

How have Canadian wines evolved in the past few decades? Why aren't Canadian wines more popular? Are Canadian wine regions worth visiting? In honour of Canada day, we're doing a deep dive into all thi...

Father’s Day Wines

Do men and women have different tastes in wine? How has the wine world changed in terms of marketing to men? In honour of Father’s Day, I’m getting downright practical with some terrific gift wine...