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Rising Alcohol in Wine: Too Hot to Handle?

Want to seduce someone this Valentine’s Day? Forget the lingerie, lipstick and silk-tie handcuffs—just ensure that the object of your desire drinks a little wine. Over a few glasses of wine, love is blind, or at least it’s wearing rosé-coloured glasses.  Perhaps that’s why it’s one of the greatest social lubricants—wine has certainly done more to keep marriages together than beer. Wine embodies physical pleasure: With pheromones, its aromas are a heady mix and its velvet caress on the tongue both soothes and excites. What other drink is described as “voluptuous” and “curvaceous”?

Drunken Adjectives: A Fuzzy Vine-acular

Are there really that many different descriptors for inebriation? What's the origin of drunken euphemisms like "three sheets to the wind"? Why does our language go from getting hammered at college dor...