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Father’s Day Wines

Do men and women have different tastes in wine? How has the wine world changed in terms of marketing to men? In honour of Father’s Day, I’m getting downright practical with some terrific gift wines suggestions that you can buy dear old dad.

Wine & War: The Vinous Insurrection

Wine has been played a key role in some of the major conflicts our world has experienced. In honour of National Wine Day, I'm exploring how winemakers resisted the Nazis during World War II and the im...

Pairing Wine and Yoga to Unwined with Morgan Perry

More than marketing or whimsy, Morgan Perry's Vino Vinyasa classes are rooted in a holistic lifestyle philosophy. She shares why yoga enhances the wine tasting experience, how yoga and wine complement...

National Wine Day Prompts These Thoughts

What role does wine play in our culture? May 25 is National Wine Day and in honour of that, I'm exploring how wine has influenced civilization and achieved a status of culture, power and prestige in a...

Why You Need to Know Malbec Truly, Madly, Deeply

Have you tried Malbec? Did you like it? Which ones are your favourites? In honour of World Malbec Day, we're chatting about why Malbec is a deep, dark, delicious red wine that you need to get to know ...