Paprika Shrimp and Canadian Havarti Crostini Recipe with Riesling or Pinot Grigio

A recipe for a fun summer night on the patio.

Don’t believe what these back-to-school commercials imply – summer is not over. The weather is going to be great for a good long time, and now is the time to enjoy a nice summer evening. So I propose that you invite your friends over for a potluck-style evening of wine and snacks. To keep it light and fun, ask everyone to bring a snack, paired with a bottle of wine. And I have the perfect recipe for you: Paprika Shrimp and Canadian Havarti Crostini, paired with refreshing white wines.

This is a grill recipe, and I chose it for this very reason. Make the most out of your patio or balcony and have your get-together outdoors. The recipe is extremely simple. You can prepare it right before your guests arrive and do the grilling while you enjoy a nice glass of wine with your friends. I would recommend a white, since it pairs well with the recipe and works great as an aperitif. Open a bottle of slightly sweet, off-dry Riesling or a crisp, light- to medium-bodied Pinot Grigio – and enjoy!

Here’s to the many warm, beautiful evenings that August has in store!

Paprika Shrimp and Canadian Havarti Crostini

1 baguette
2 cups (500 ml) northern shrimp, cooked
1 tbsp (15 ml) orange zest
¼ tsp (1 ml) ground paprika
¼ cup (60 ml) fresh parsley, chopped
10 oz (300 g) Canadian Havarti, sliced

Preheat grill to medium heat. Cut baguette in half lengthwise. Mix shrimp, zest, paprika and parsley.

Divide mixture onto baguette halves. Cover with Havarti and place directly on grill. Cook 5–7 minutes till bread is crusty and Havarti has melted. Slice and serve hot.

Cheese alternatives: Canadian Swiss cheese, Cheddar, Mozzarella



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