New Wine App with Top 10 Wines in Your Liquor Store Now

Since we launched our free mobile wine apps in 2009, you’ve given us hundreds of suggestions for new features and improvements. (You can stop now … kidding.)

Our newest app that launches today, is built based on how you told us that you shop for wine:

Problem: The bottles in front of you are starting to blur, your breath is getting rapid and shallow. Which $15 red wine should you buy for dinner? Hey, would you like to scroll through long lists of wine reviews only to find a great bottle that’s not even in the liquor store where you are? Um, no …

Answer: The new app knows which liquor store you’re in or is closest to you via GPS, just click on “Top 10 Wines” and you’ll get a list by wine type, score or price of bottles available in that store right now.

No searching, no shopping lists, just the answer you want right here, right now. Take a deep breath, you’ll be fine.

Problem: You need to buy a case of bubbly for a party. The liquor store you’re in now only has 7 bottles of the bubbly you want. Where should you go to get the rest of them?

Answer: The new app will tell you the 10 closest stores that have that wine, and how many bottles of that wine each store has. Click on it and get directions and a map to go.

Problem: Georgio has a fabulous wine collection, a fabulous life and fabulous hair.

However, his fabulous wife Esmerelda doesn’t know why he has to climb up on a ladder every time he wants to find a bottle. They’ve had some unsettling arguments about time-consuming and expensive cellar software and log books.

Answer: The new app lets you scan your bottle bar codes and instantly add them to your virtual cellar log. You can zip through your entire collection with one click per bottle or add optional information as you go, such as where you bought the wine, when you want to drink it, etc. Even if your collection (or hair) isn’t quite as extensive as Georgio’s — it’s just as fabulous for you to know which wines you have on hand, especially when you can check on your app when you’re out shopping.

Problem: You’re bored waiting in line at the (fill in this blank: bank, grocery store, doctor’s office), yet you can’t seem to find the time to learn more about wine.

Answer: The new app has an extensive library of hilarious, educational wine videos. Under the More tab, click on Nat Decants TV, tilt your smartphone to landscape orientation. Everyone else in the lineup will wonder why you’re laughing so much. Who knew that learning about wine could both fun and flexible?

Problem: Shonda and Rayon below, whom you met recently at the condo owners’ meeting and to whom you now regret mentioning your interest in wine, keep pestering you for recommendations every time they see you in the elevator. They’ve just spotted you in the liquor store and you know you’re in for a long and tedious conversation about which wine they should serve with their veal cutlets tonight.

Answer: Under the More tab, the first item is now Tell a Friend. We’re drafted the note with the links to the app, but you can edit it of course. Be kind to Shonda and Rayon … they mean well.


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The app is available on all other country iTunes stores as well: search on Natalie MacLean wine


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