Life is short. Enjoy it!

Life is short. Enjoy it!

While I am sure that some people would consider it enjoyable to admire a beautiful display case full of the best crystal – wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to experience a beautiful wine out of one of those wonderful crystal glasses?  Have you ever heard anyone say, “Oh no, not those wine glasses, those are for special occasions only"?  Don’t do it!  Use that fine crystal, enjoy that fine bottle of wine, celebrate everyday.

There is something about swirling wine in a beautiful glass – which is designed to bring out the best of the bouquet – the way it slides right around the inside of the bowl, the way the light hits it and shows every detail of the colour, the way it comes to rest in the glass and you can see the legs slowly sliding down the side.  It is truly an experience.

I use my best crystal glasses every time we enjoy wine (OK, you caught me, I didn’t want to say everyday) and although the wine we drink varies in price and quality – you can believe that it tastes extra delicious in a beautiful big crystal wine glass!

A sure way to get maximum taste from your everyday wine is to use the proper vessel.  

I have a test that I would like you to try – take your favourite wine (ok, one of your favourites) and pour some wine in a regular wine glass and then pour some into a beautiful big crystal wine glass – swirl them around, and try them both.  If you’ve gone so far as to use the perfect glass style designed for the varietal of  the wine you are trying – you’ll see an even bigger difference.

If you are going to enjoy a glass of wine – why not use the proper glass and enjoy everything that particular wine has to offer?

These tips are brought to you by Waterford by Robert Mondavi, which is available at The Bay.




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