Introducing Vintners for Port & Sherry

Introducing Vintners for Port & Sherry

Canadians, particularly in Quebec, are larger consumers of fortified wines such as Port and Sherry and to make this an even more pleasurable experience, Balderson Cheese has added an aged Cheddar to its Vintners Cheddar especially for these types of wines.

Vintners Cheddar for Port and Sherry is a superb cheese that has been allowed to mature for over 50 months so that it has had the required time to slow develop a pleasant cheddar flavour, rich texture and delicate sharpness that is a natural paring to the fuller and sweeter flavours of fortified wines.

Vintners for Port & Sherry is recommend as an after dinner dessert to accompany your favourite digestif. It is also ideal for cheese plates, cheese trays, home entertaining and wine pairings.




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