Introducing Vintners 2

Introducing Vintners 2

Balderson Cheese, Canada’s award winning leaderin premium aged Cheddar has a new and interesting cheese offering for lovers of great wines and great cheese. Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly interested in home entertaining, preparing special meals and serving Cheese plates. Our Vintners Cheddar provides an easy choice to fill this need as well as to highlight the excellence of Canadian Cheddar for special occasions.

Vintners Cheddar now comes in a Gift Box that contains one piece (280g) of the Vintners Red and the Vintners white in a striking gift box presentation making it idea for Christmas gifts, house warmings, appreciation gifts, employee recognition gifts or just for your favourite wine connoisseur.

The concept behind Vintners Cheddar is that they were especially selected and graded through a series of taste testings with a variety of wineries, leading wine experts and consumers to determine which combination of age, texture, flavour and aroma paired the best with most red wines and most white wines. The result was a Vinters for Red which is a 40 month aged cheddar with slightly more acidity and cheddar flavour to both compliment and stand up to the full flavour and tannins of full bodied red wines. Vintners for White is only aged 20 months and  has a smother texture and less aggressive cheddar flavour to compliment the slightly elevated sweetness in most white wines.




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