Halifax Gives Wine Witch on Fire a Warm Welcome

On June 12th, about 125 people gathered for an amazing launch event for Wine Witch on Fire at Halifax the Halifax Central Library in the beautiful in the Paul O’Regan Hall. The library staff, especially Nathalie, Nina and Isaac, were incredibly helpful and professional.

Our date coincided with a sold-out Shania Twain concert so we were thrilled with the turnout … though it “don’t impress me much” that Shania wouldn’t change her concert date for us ;)

Menna Riley interviewed me about the book. Her grace and poise on stage made it feel like a talk show.

Menna is a dynamic strategic networking, events marketing, and sponsorship professional. Menna has built one of Halifax’s premier event series and communities in Leading Ladies Networking, selling out each event and building a waitlist of eager prospect attendees since its 2012 inception.


With Menna Riley and Mike Hamm from Bookmark, a lovely independent bookstore. Mike and his assistant, Jamieson, did an amazing job with the event and selling many books.  There are still some signed copies at Bookmark so get them as gifts before they’re gone:

Bookmark Halifax
5686 Spring Garden Rd.
Halifax, Nova Scotia

[email protected]
(902) 423-0419


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With Mom to whom this book is dedicated!


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With Pam and Karen, high school friends. I also reconnected with lots of relatives and former highland dancing students. It was so life-affirming to get back to my roots and the people of my childhood. I grew up in Lower Sackville, just outside Halifax and my parents are from Cape Breton.


With a beta reader, Rick


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With Corinne Boudreau


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With Menna Riley


The Nova Scotia winery Lightfoot & Wolfville produces some of the finest wines in the country. They graciously donated fabulous gift baskets as prizes for the evening.

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With fellow Western alumni Adam & Jessica


With Paige and Kaitlin from Lightfoot & Wolfville



Omggg it was such a great intimate and perfect launch 🚀 loveee it

I could totally relate to your vulnerability as an author. You talked about peeling off the  labels and that’s exactly what my book expresses too , however I  like to call the colourful layers lol 🌈

Thank you for pouring your heart out


With my aunt, Alice.



With cousins Patti and Mike

With cousins Phil and Jennifer



That’s Mom in the door reflection taking my picture in front of Bookmark


Inside Bookmark

I joined Bob Murphy, host of CBC’s Maritime Noon show, to answer caller questions earlier that day.


And even earlier that day, I spoke with Paul Brothers, host of Global’s Morning Show. Watch the interview here.


Wine Witch on Fire — this decade’s Eat Pray Love. Natalie MacLean survived an online mob, divorce and drinking too much. Her new memoir will help you get through your own mess, too.”

– Morgan Mullin, Arts & Culture Editor, The Coast magazine



Home - Halifax Examiner


“A memoir on a vintage year, wine mom culture, and sexism in the wine industry.”

– Elizabeth Rent, Editor, The Halifax Examiner

Read the full interview here.



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