Google & Wine: Great Pairing!

Google & Wine: Great Pairing!


My team and I are thrilled that our site has hit #1 on Google for the most popular wine-related search terms:

– wine and food

– wine newsletter

– wine and food matching

– wine with food


These search term rankings are driven by traffic. You can’t buy this traffic, you can only build it  … in a sense these are click-through votes from wine lovers who visit the site.

On these key search terms, these sites all ranked highly in the #2 or #3 spots:

– Food Network

– Globe & Mail

– Montreal Gazette



We’re excited about these particular search terms because most people drink wine with friends over a meal. These are the folks who enjoy wine and all its pleasures without getting too focused on scores and cult wines.

We want to thank the 110,224 wine lovers who now subscribe to our newsletter and who have made the site what it is today.






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