Globe & Mail says this wine app is the “clear winner”

Globe & Mail says this wine app is the 'clear winner'


We were thrilled to read the Globe & Mail’s analysis of wine apps in today’s paper! With thousands of apps to choose from, and new ones added daily, it’s incredible to just be reviewed these days let alone be picked as the clear winner.

Our team intends to keep improving the app and adding new features based on our customers’ feedback. In a sense, this is already a crowd-sourced app with so many great ideas from wine and food lovers built into it based on their suggestions. We’ll be making some exciting announcements in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here’s the review excerpted with permission from the Globe & Mail today:


Nat Decants: Comprehensive wine guide for iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Droid, Nexus, Nokia, Palm Pre and other smartphones

By Brodie Beta

Wine lovers know there’s nothing like the right pairing to complement a good meal, but not everyone knows whether the Chianti or the Merlot goes best with what’s for dinner. That’s where mobile devices come to the rescue. With quick access to a large resource of wine recommendations in seconds, even a vino novice can uncork the right vintage. Mobile wine apps promise to help you with picking a bottle for dinner, gift or special occasion.

Nat Decants recommends pairings around the wine you already have on hand or the dish you’re already serving.

The app lists a huge variety of dishes, flavours and spices in each food category and when you’ve found the perfect match, you can record the info in a virtual wine cellar. You have access to thousands of free reviews dating back to 2001.

Nat Decants also has a great feature in its Wineries search, which helps you find vineyards across the country.

Nat Decant’s list of features and options — backed by a professional wine expert — makes it the clear winner. It’s a great app and a must for anyone into wine.

Cost: Free



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