Canada’s Best Restaurants – Maclean’s Magazine

Just got my copy of the Maclean’s Magazine first-ever Restaurant Guide for dining establishments across Canada. This is going to be my bible for where to eat when I travel. I was honoured to be part of the team of reviewers … pick up a copy to read the reviews. (An aside, here are my favourite restaurants in other cities.) Just a couple of hints …

Sidedoor Contemporary Kitchen & Wine Bar

 Hours: Monday to Saturday Lunch: 11:45-2 pm, 7 Days a Week: 4:30 pm tacos; 5 pm Dinner

Address: 20 York Street, Ottawa, ON
Phone: 613-562-9331

Play Food and Wine
Hours: Open daily from noon through dinner

Address: 1 York Street, Ottawa, ON
Phone: 613-667-9207



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