The App that no Wine Connoisseur should be without

dinner familyIn Friday’s edition of the St. Catharine’s Standard, tech columnist Syd Boyd has written a helpful guide on using apps to plan your dinner party.

st catherine's standardWe were delighted that he recommended our app for selecting your wines:

“Of course you might want to add some wine to that party of yours and the Canadian made “Wine Reviews & Ratings: Natalie MacLean” is the app that no wine connoisseur should be without, especially as it will help you find the closest store with the best price for the perfect pairing to the food you picked above.

“If you are at the store and want a review of a particular wine, just scan the barcode with the app and find out what others say about it.

“For someone like me who is not an expert in this area, this type of app is great at making me look like I almost know what I’m doing.”



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