An early taste of summer

An early taste of summer

We’ve all noticed the days getting longer and warmer. Very slowly. Instead of waiting for Mother Nature to give us a taste of summer, why don’t we treat ourselves to a generous dose of sunshine right now? Let’s pair southern warmth with the Canadian spring equinox and enjoy some fruity wines, exotic cheeses and great company.

How can friends refuse an offer of good food and good wine? They won’t, which takes us to step one, food. Allow me to propose a sunny entree of almond-crusted maple salmon fillet and follow it up with an exotic cheese platter.

The theme for the cheese platter is fruity and exotic, so we’ll start with thin-sliced Bothwell Black Truffle Cheddar. Its fruity truffle flavour will set the tone for the evening. Combine it with a Peau Rouge, a one-of-a-kind semi-soft cheese with a surprising taste of nuts and caramel. Make it an exotic trilogy with Thunder Oak’s Aged Gouda, matured for many months to reach a delicious flavour of fruity sweetness.

Pair these great cheeses with equally great whites. A fruity, full-bodied Chardonnay will go very well with the Cheddar, preferably from Australia’s Yara Valley, Sonoma (California) or South Africa. Move on to a medium-dry Riesling or Gewürztraminer and enjoy their flavours of candied fruit and perfect levels of acidity. Finish things off with a cold and sweet dessert wine, like a medium-bodied late harvest wine from Ontario.

Have a great evening, and see you in the spring!



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